Ban Country Music!!!


Ok, so I am thinking we need a country music ban. Why you ask? Well let me tell you.

A dear friend of ours whom I shall not name (Shane Burton), was listening to country music in his truck. My daughters are always in his truck because the Burton’s girls and our girls are the best of friends. So how does this explain the “ban country music” comment? Keep reading.

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon. My pastor was in from out of town. Troy and I were so excited to have him in to speak at Freedom House Church the next day. Well, he was riding in the back seat with the kids, Cassidy was directly beside him. All of the sudden it happened. Cassidy starts blaring out a country song. With her eyebrows raised and her little hand on Pastor Dennis’ arm stroking him, she began to belt out a very unfamiliar tune. It went something like this (please add twang), “I got a roof over my head and the man I love is lying in my bed!”

Oh my gosh! She just blurted that out to my pastor while singing in his face at the top of her lungs! Oh no she didn’t! Oh yes she did! Well thankfully we all belly-laughed for the next 10 minutes, whew, tragedy averted….this time! He took it very well, what a great sport. So glad that Cassidy told him that she heard it in “Mr. Shane’s” truck! Ha ha! One day she might realize what she did, but until then….maybe I need to ban country music! Or just tell them not to sing in front of their pastor!

Laughter sure is good medicine!

P.S. Yes Shane got thrown under the bus..err “truck”.


~ by pennymaxwell on June 16, 2009.

5 Responses to “Ban Country Music!!!”

  1. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! After reading this last night I just HAD to go tell Greg! I feel your ummm … pain?!!?!! LOL! I am such a “stick in the mud” as some of my friends say about music and movies … I screen EVERYTHING haha so much so that our kids do not watch tv … they watch videos that I have already preapproved BUT when they go over to friends’ houses’ uhoh! So we had a similar thing happen. I was like WHERE DID YOU GET THAT FROM?!?! KK of course told us EXACLTY all the details of where, when and who was present and all …. so I just used it as a teachable moment and told her why we don’t watch and listen to certain things and tried to teach her how to politely as possible say my Mom doesn’t allow me to watch that … and praying when she gets older she chooses to say on her own that she doesn’t WANT to watch it. but tooooo funny Pastor Penny …. laughing still this morning over it!

  2. OK OK…. Busted! Yes, maybe they did hear it in our truck, but I know for a fact that they all heard it before I did, at cheer practice, because when it came on they said, “Oh, we heard this at cheerleading”…and…since when is Darius Rucker really that country anyway. Lyric correction: Woman I love laying in the bed…Hello, his wife….LOL.

  3. Funny thing is Cassidy said that the “real song” said a woman in the bed but I just knew it was not supposed to be a woman if I was singing it so she said she changed it to a man in the bed instead! Ha ha!

    Our office got a big laugh over this as they asked her to sing for them! I will not soon forget this! So funny!

  4. really funny!!!!!!

  5. That is HILARIOUS!!!!!

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