Move My Furniture!!

I wrote this a few years ago and as I was cleaning out my files came across it. I am still asking God to do this today. I hope you will as well.


I was running around picking up toys and mismatched socks from off of the floor before the company arrived. I had fifteen minutes to go until the doorbell would start ringing. The floor that was once laden with Legos, baby dolls, and magic markers was now nice and clean and in fact, it sparkled. The counter tops in the kitchen glistened, the carpeted steps had fresh vacuum marks on them and the scent of Lysol permeated the air. I did it! The house now looked neat and tidy just in time for our guests to arrive. Whew, another successful clean up session in the Maxwell House.

We were having such a great time with all of our friends. As the doorbell continued to ring and the house became bursting at the seams with new faces, some “helpful” person decided to move the sofa and some chairs around. I mean it did make the room much more efficient for handling all of the guests, but……….. I had not cleaned under the furniture!!!! Ouch! It was so painful to see all of the huge DUST BUNNIES hiding under my furniture. It was amazing how the room had looked so neat and clean until the furniture was moved. Now, it did not look so clean and neat anymore.  I was somewhat embarrassed as I pulled out the broom and the dustpan to begin cleaning up the forgotten dust.

As my furniture was moved, I realized there were things in the room I had missed when I was cleaning; things that were hidden and not visible. I really did not pay much attention to the areas that could not be seen, I was just concerned with the areas that other people could see. I then hoped that no one would need to go in any of my closets. I mean enough uncovering for one night—right?!

When I thought about the situation later, I realized how good we as Christians are at keeping our spiritual dust bunnies hidden too. We think that people cannot see certain areas of our lives so we keep them hidden and never let them be uncovered, we have our rooms so neat and clean looking. Boy, we got the Christian thing all figured out, we look so spiritual to other people……until we get our furniture moved! Man, what things are uncovered, things we had no idea were even there!

Until we allow God to come into our lives and move our furniture, we will never know what is lurking under there. It can never be brought out in the open until we decide it is time to start rearranging, time to let the unseen be seen. What hurts have we covered up? What truths have we ignored?  What thoughts had we never taken captive?  Psalm 139:23 says it like this, Search me O God and know my heart; try me and know my thoughts; see if there be any wicked way in me, And lead me in the way everlasting.  If our desire is to see God search our heart and get rid of anything that does not belong, He will. He will examine the closets of our heart. You know what we do to closets when we have company coming? We stuff everything in there we want no one to see.  He will clean them out and He will move whatever furniture is necessary. You see, He sees the dust bunnies already, He just wants us to be aware of them so we can clean our houses, and keep them that way.

“God, please, Move My Furniture!”


~ by pennymaxwell on June 11, 2009.

4 Responses to “Move My Furniture!!”

  1. Wow Pastor Penny I love this!! {especially being a housekeeper !! haha} can’t drag all those dustbunnies up the mountain either can I! I want my “house” clean in every way!! Thanks

  2. Good one Penny. Kinda makes me think about moving some furniture. My couch is heavy and the table is sooo big and dont get me started on the entertainment stand!!! I think I need to get out my “dust pan” and do some sweeping of my own.
    I love how you can make us (me) think about things in a way that we (I) can understand.

  3. Nope, no room for dust bunnies while mountain climbing, Georgia! He he!

  4. This is GREAT stuff! Made me really examine my heart and life and ask God to put His flashlight anywhere that needed to be “cleaned up”.

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