Are These People For Real?


One of the things I love to do most is to stand in the hallways at church and hug necks and shake hands. I love seeing people who I have known for years and I love meeting new people for the first time. This past week I had a really neat conversation with a couple. It was their second time coming to Freedom House and I told them I hope they felt at home and if they needed anything to let us know. Their response I thought was amazing. The wife said, “Honestly everyone has come up to us and introduced themselves to us. Everyone was so incredibly friendly we had to ask ourselves, are these people for real?”

What a great compliment to all those who make Freedom House a home. I truly love the people I get to serve with each and every week. To have a new guest say that lets me know that you got it, people count! I was so proud of everyone who made this couple feel so welcomed and not only this couple but everyone who walks in the doors each week.

I am still not finished though! Another couple who has been coming for several months was standing by when the new couple said how much love they have received. They too said that when they first came they wondered if “these people are for real” too because they were so overwhelmed by love. They began to say that after being at the church for as long as they have they realized it was FOR REAL! We all just love people!

Freedom House, you guys are so amazing! You ARE for real! I thank God for you!


~ by pennymaxwell on May 30, 2009.

3 Responses to “Are These People For Real?”

  1. I’ve been to churches before where the people acted freindly and polite, and appeared welcoming but there just didn’t seem to be much depth behind their words and actions. You would not expect them to remember your name , much less invite you out for coffee the following week. They seemed nice because that is the way you’re supposed to behave in church. At FHC however,we experience a genuineness that is both rare and hard to explain. I’m just glad to be a part of what’s going on here. (Sent by Kim Z)

  2. I agree, Kim. I am so glad to get to do life with such amazing folks. At Seek Night this week there was another new couple and I saw a bunch of the other people invite them out for coffee, they went and had a blast.

    Loving on people is so important. People matter!

  3. A year ago I visited your church and I have never gotten so many HUGS from people who I didn’t know.The Sunday I attended , Pastor Penny spoke on FEARS, as a non Christian, I had lots of them.After the service a young woman gave me a big hug and said all your fears will be gone.One day I will meet this loving and sincere lady who cared enough to assure me that it will OK to let fears go. All FEARS are gone the day I accepted Christ as my personal Savior Sept.09,2008…. Thank you for that warm welcome at Freedom House church…

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