Joy Unspeakable!


Someone asked me recently why I was so happy all of the time. I began to recount all of the amazing things that God is doing in my life, the life of those close to me, and within Freedom House Church. I am just so amazed and so pumped up about all of the amazing things that are going on. Literally, if I tried to write it all down, this blog would never end. God’s blessings have been so abundant and so overwhelming.

None of those things, however, give me joy. You see joy is not situational. Joy just is, no matter what storms come or what amazing things happen. Happiness can come and go but joy remains no matter what. I realized with all of the amazing things that God has been doing that really those “things” are not what make me smile, it is joy that is unspeakable. Joy that only comes because of a Father’s great love. A Father’s perfect love. A love that I got but I did not deserve.

Don’t get me wrong, stuff happens at times, but joy overshadows anything else that tries to settle in. Why? Because joy supersedes circumstances. It brings calm and peace despite anything else.

The Bible is so clear about that fact that the joy of the Lord is our strength. If you are ever feeling weak, grab some joy! It will make you strong and help you face any circumstance. Try some joy on! You too got the love of a Father!


~ by pennymaxwell on May 21, 2009.

One Response to “Joy Unspeakable!”

  1. I am printing this off twice; one to hang up at work and the other to hang on my fridge! AMEN!

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