Give Me Liberty!!!!!!

I am so pumped up because this Sunday is our Liberty Offering! That is right, this Sunday, May 17th, is the much anticipated date!


All of Freedom House Church has been buzzing as we prepare for this offering. This series called the Generosity Experiment has been so amazing! We as a church are going to accomplish some pretty significant things. Half of the offering will go to our building fund so we can get that building up and have room for more people to come in and get touched. More space is huge but one other significant thing is the fact that it takes so much time and energy to run a portable church and we would love to be able to devote all of that energy to other things besides just making church happen. The remaining funds will be divided between Charlotte Urban Ministries and Crisis Assistance Ministries. Both of those ministries provide food, clothing, shelter, and help with bills to those in need. They have been experiencing a high volume of people who need assistance and without you and I helping, people in our city will not get the help they need. Both of these ministries are solid and have a track record of helping those who are in dire need right here in our very own backyard. They have also had a large drop in donations because of the economy, so we as a church are going to step up and BE THE CHURCH!

I feel so honored to get to help because of the ways our family has chosen to raise funds. We are selling candy, ice cream and hair bows. Yes, hair bows. The kids have also been doing extra chores to earn money too. We are all learning how to be generous with what God has given us. We also have learned that when you have a heart to do something, nothing can stand in your way. There are ways to accomplish whatever you set your heart to.

You can read more stories about all the amazing ways people are raising money for this Liberty Offering and the cool stories of how being generous has blessed people. The Generosity Experiment has been so much fun! I know God is blessed by all of us teaming up to see big things done right here in our very own city! Let’s do it!

If you want to hear some amazing things that have come from the Generosity Experiment, just click on the link and enjoy!


~ by pennymaxwell on May 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “Give Me Liberty!!!!!!”

  1. oh yeah!

  2. Over 106,000 was given during the Liberty Offering this past Sunday and it keeps coming in! Man Freedom House, you got this generosity stuff down. Let’s start a revolution!

    I cannot wait to take the checks to the organizations we are supporting. Charlotte will have some of the resources necessary to feed its homeless and downtrodden. AND IT IS ALL BECAUSE OF YOU!

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