A Great Day!

This Mother’s Day was so much fun for me. Not only did my kids love and hug on me and give me special cards, I got to hang with my bff’s too! It was so much fun! Oh and did I mention I had an amazing brunch at Nobles restaurant? Thanks Honey for taking me out for brunch! And by the way, if you have not eaten there  you need to check it out. You will love it!


Sunday started off with the cutest handmade gifts from the kids and the sweetest cards too. They made my heart smile so big! Then I went to the coolest church in the world and got to minister with the coolest ladies in the world! Three of my closest friends were interviewed on many different aspects of motherhood. You see between them there is such a mix. One family was never able to have children, so they adopted three kids; thus making their family bi-racial. Another family owns their own businesses and have children that are spread out. One of their children is in college, one is a special needs teenager in a wheel chair, and one is still in elementary school. (Multiple miscarriages spread out their family in years). The last of my friends got married later in life. She also started her family later as well. She is in her forties with a baby and two kids in elementary school. Her and her husband have a passion for ministry and are very active in pursing those dreams.

So each woman got to share stories about their varied experiences and it was so incredible to listen to them share their hearts. Feel free to go to the church website and listen online or you can call the church office and order a CD. It will encourage any mother!

So, all in all, it was a great day! I had a blast with my family and my friends!


~ by pennymaxwell on May 12, 2009.

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