I Cried!

When I show you the email I received, I want you to know I cried. It rocked me. PLEASE never underestimate the power of your story ever, ever again. Someone’s life might depend on it!


So, I sent my sisters the link to your Sunday message a couple of weeks ago about sharing your story. Talked to one of them today. (She lives in Louisiana).

Her husband’s best friend from childhood called the other day. He was in bad shape. He got hurt at work, came home from the hospital and found a note from his third wife saying that she was kicking him out. He ended up staying with his ex-mother in law temporarily. In a nutshell, he’s hit rock bottom in his life and was tired of it all. He didn’t want to live anymore. Michelle, my sister, shared her story with him and went on to share mine. She explained to him how we both dealt with depression and how I even spent time in a psychiatric hospital years ago dealing with mine. Then, she went on to tell him about my son Stephen (who tragically died). She told him how well I’m doing being married and expecting a baby, soon. He had no idea about what we had been through and realized that he wasn’t alone.

Michelle shared our story with Jarrod, who was considering suicide, because you shared your story with us. That gave Jarrod hope and strength to go on. Awesome!

Michael and Dineen’s newest baby pic!



~ by pennymaxwell on May 7, 2009.

One Response to “I Cried!”

  1. What an awesome testimony! We truly never know how sharing our story, even the “ugly” parts will minister to someone. Many times when we feel hopeless and lost, it’s because we think we are the only person that has ever felt how we feel or done what we’ve done. By sharing, we let others know they are NEVER alone!

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