Trader Joes Top 10!

I love Trader Joes. If you know me, you already knew that. Here is my top 10 from there. I hope you try them and I hope you leave some of your favorites in the comments as well. I want to try them!


1. Orange Chicken (in the Freezer section)

2. Gummie Tummies (gummie penguins with liquid tummies, thus the name)

3. Frozen Biscuits, oh so good!

4. Orange Juice with lots of pulp.

5. Corn chip dippers.

6. Chicken and beef tacos (frozen section)

7. Brown rice (frozen section)

8. Sparkling pomegranate juice

9. Japanese ice cream

10. Air popped potato chips (bbq and regular)


~ by pennymaxwell on May 4, 2009.

One Response to “Trader Joes Top 10!”

  1. My #1 are the cheese puffs (I think they are white cheddar). They are under $2 and a BIG bag. The girls LOVE them!

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