They Are Safe!


Yesterday was a very interesting day on an emotional level. I got a call from our worship pastor, Andre Gonzalez. His wife and newborn son had been in a car accident. A truck had come into April’s lane and she swerved to miss the oncoming truck. As she did she hit a boulder and flipped the car three times with her and baby Jaxon in it. They landed upside down in a ditch and she could not get out. The doors were crushed and she was unable to open them.

An eyewitness who was standing by smashed the window so she could escape the car. After finally trying to get the baby out in an upside down position she was able to free him and herself. They were both taken in an ambulance to the hospital. Many of their Freedom House Church family were waiting there with them and the barrage of exams and prodding began.

After hours passed at the hospital, the doctors could find nothing wrong with either one of them. All April could say as the doctors were totally amazed is, “it is all God!” Two of the doctors even asked what church we all went to because we were all having such a great time rejoicing and loving on each other.

All I can say is how thanful I am that they are safe and sound. I am thankful for angles who protected them in that car, which by the way is totaled. I am thankful that God in His awesome power used such an ugly situation to show people His love and power, yet again. There is simply no reason that either of them should have walked away unharmed except to say God had them safe in the palm of His hand. What a miracle. I am so thankful my friends, no my family, are ok. I love them so much. Thank you God!


~ by pennymaxwell on May 1, 2009.

6 Responses to “They Are Safe!”

  1. wow, praise God!!! I would love to see a spiritual world replay of that event as angels protected them. wow. so thankful!

  2. That is truly a testimony to the saving power of God. I love to hear stories like this. I was a little nervous about the part where they broke the window to help them get out. I am always seen in the football games and NASCAR how they protect and secure the neck in case of spinal injury. But they didn’t have any so Praise God! Praise Jesus! All of Jesus best to you and them.

    In God’s Love,


  3. Penny. I am in awe of God’s MERCY! I am so blessed to know Andre, April & Jaxon have you in their lives! Thank you for loving them and being their family. Xoxo Lia

  4. Wow, wow…wow and yeah God! Now you guys really need a new car.

  5. Thank you. Love you. Praise God.

  6. Thank you, Lord. I love you guys

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