My Birthday Boy!


My husband did not just have a birthday. He had a birth-week. This whole entire week was a huge celebration of his life. Our staff got him all his favorite things for lunch, including banana cream pie! They also took him to Victory Lanes to rough him up a bit on the whole car racing/ testosterone thing. Of course it was boys only for that part. He also played golf more times than he can count. Had friends take him to lunch, dinner and then had a cookout for him. All of these things transpired throughout the whole week. He felt so loved and so special. We also had a big celebration for him at church as well with hundreds of balloons and a card that is the largest I have ever seen. Not to mention all of the birthday wishes from ministry friends around the world via video. There were so many we had to make 3 different videos for all 3 services. It was just so much fun!

This week was not just a celebration for Troy and his 40 years of life.. It was a celebration for me too because I know how incredibly blessed I feel to be married to such a great man. I got to celebrate his life but also how great my life is having him in it. Troy is literally the most incerdible man I have ever met and I am truly thankful that 40 years ago he was born. This girl from Richmond, Va. sure would have a big hole in her life without him. I am glad God made him just for me!! Well ok I will share him but I truly am thankful. Thank you God for Troy Alan Maxwell.

~ by pennymaxwell on April 27, 2009.

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