8 Years Ago Today…….


Exactly eight years ago today my precious Cassidy came into this world. I still remember checking in with the doctor and getting prepped for a c-section. I could not wait to meet this little girl. She was going to be the little sister to Colby and Cabell and we could not wait to bring her home and start our life with her.

There are so many things about Cassidy that I love. She is so spunky and fun. She just has this infectious personality and when she steps into a room she lights it up. She laughs big and she smiles big. Her zeal for life is just so amazing. I love watching her live out her bubbly life each and every day. She is such a lover of people.

One of the things that Cassidy’s teachers have always told me is what a great helper she is. She loves to assist others with anything they might need. If your shoe is untied, Cassidy is right there on the scene. If you drop something, Cassidy is there to pick it up for you. She has such a heart to serve.

I am so thankful that eight years ago God brought her into my life! Happy Birthday, Sweetheart! Mommy loves you! Today I celebrate your precious life!

If you want to send Cassidy a birthday wish I will make sure to let her read them!


~ by pennymaxwell on April 18, 2009.

6 Responses to “8 Years Ago Today…….”

  1. I love you so much sweet Cassidy! Happy Happy Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday Cassidy

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday from the Garretts!

  4. Happy Birthday Cassidy! from Ben and Melissa – we love you!

  5. Happy B Day from Cooper. He thinks that you are amazing!

  6. Cassidy feels so loved! She had 4 different parties to celebrate her life. Thanks you guys for making her feel so special on her special day! She is such a blessing to us.

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