An Amazing Day!

This Easter at Freedom House Church was amazing. The altar was full of 179 people who decided to commit their lives to Jesus. It was such an incredible moment, it was wall-to-wall people all day long. I had the most incredible time.

Outside the fun and games were revving up. We served over 1,000 funnel cakes and over 150 pounds of ribbon fries! I guess you could say they were a hit. We also hid 10,000 Easter eggs as well for the children to find. So adults were a little jealous to see the huge Easter baskets some of the children walked away with. It was quite the site.

I even heard a parent who went out to eat Easter lunch recite a story. His two year old son said to the waitress, “Jesus is alive, the cave opened, the ground shook.” He kept saying it over and over each time the waitress would stop by to check on the table until finally the waitress said she must know where they went to church. She was even touched!

The thing is, none of this would have been possible if incredible people like you had not chosen to give of your time to see others lives changed. Thank you to all of the staff and volunteers of Freedom House Church for serving others so selflessly. As you can see, it really made a difference. People were added to heaven because of you. Keep doing what you do and keep seeing people transformed by God’s power. You all are so amazing. The whole day was simply amazing!

I will be posting pictures soon, for now you can see the opener of our Easter Services from a bootleg copy (thanks Karen Mundy 🙂 ). You can still get a great feel for how amazing the whole day was even though the live version was way better. Enjoy.


~ by pennymaxwell on April 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “An Amazing Day!”

  1. You are welcome! I knew they were doing something with drums to start the service and I knew a lot of people would miss it because of being out of town or serving in classrooms/outside. I was glad I got a good seat to get my bootleg copy 🙂

  2. Me too! Gotta love the bootleg and the bootlegger! 🙂 What an incredible day all the way around!

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