Most Embarassing Moments


When I was in high school I loved to play sports. I still do even though my bones don’t particularly appreciate them. Well one of my most embarrassing moments ever happened. I was on deck (which means getting ready to get up to bat) for my softball game. My friend yelled over the fence to me, “Here eat the green M&M it will help you hit a home run!”

Well at that time, it was the 80’s, there was an M&M commercial that showed a girl hitting a home run after eating one. So my friend thought it would be funny to give me one in hopes that I too would hit a home run. I wanted to get the M&M passed to me through the fence but there was mesh on the outside. So I jumped up on the very tall chain link fence, reached my hand over the top, popped the green M&M into my mouth and then jumped back down to the ground. The only problem was that when I jumped down my shirt was still at the top. It had gotten caught and completely shredded my shirt on the sharp fence. I had no shirt and the game stopped while I tried to safety pin it back together in the bathroom. I was so embarrassed. I mean now it is funny but then it was not so funny, it was totally embarrassing!

So tell me, what is your most embarassing moment? It could have been yesterday or it could have been years ago like mine. Do tell! Well all want to laught together! The bible says that a merry heart does good like medicine!

~ by pennymaxwell on April 3, 2009.

8 Responses to “Most Embarassing Moments”

  1. YOU GUYS ARE SO CHICKEN! I saw where a gazillion people read this blog post on the dashboard counter but I am guessing you thought your story was just to embarrassing to tell about! Oh come on, you can do it! CHICKEN!!!

  2. bawk

  3. This didn’t happen to me but to the Mom of one of the kids I used to babysit … You know the saying that Mom’s LOVE to tell you … make sure you have on clean underwear whenever you go somewhere … (nowadays its please at least just WEAR them when you go out) …so on the way to work after dropping her child off with me I get a call … someone had rear ended her and she was in the er … with NO PANTIES ON!!!! Before they got her clothes off she had to ask for some underwear to put on … she said she was so embarrased that she doesn’t care about VPL’s anymore … she always wears underwear now …and clean ones at that!

  4. One of my most embarrassing was when Kiara was about 2. She was potty training so she was learning about body “functions.” We were driving home to Massachusetts from Virginia and had to stop at a rest stop in NJ because I had to “go.” I had to take Kiara in the stall with me and when I was done she yelled “YAY MOMMIE, YOU MADE POOPIES!!!!” Every woman in the room laughed. I was so embarrassed walking out of the stall.

  5. Have you thought that maybe, after reading YOUR story, we just didn’t think our stories were embarrassing enough?! HaHa! Love you, Pastor Penny! 🙂

  6. Ok I have two for you actually Pastor Penny

    When I was like at 12 I was at a Mexican restaraunt and was reading the menu. The waiter came up to my family and our friends and was like may I take your order for drinks. So everyone ordered and I was the last one to order my drink. I was like Im going to say my drink exactly as it is written on the menu. I said the order and the waiter completely lost and our family friends. They know spanish and of course I dont at that age lol. So they whisper to my parents I ordered and they completely lost it I was like what! They finally told me instead of ordering a coke to drink I had ordered boobs to drink. I was so embarressed I turned 3 shades of red and didnt hardly talk thru the entire meal.

    Second story for you I was at an atf conference when I was sixteen. Well one of my guy friends who I liked back than lol. Decided to do something embarrassing to me. In one of the breaks we were standing in the middle of the hall in the colesium when all the sudden gets down on one knee. I was like what are you doing! He was like Jenny Reese will you marry me? I was like What! R u kidding me…No No No well instead of him getting up and laughing he yells she said yes everyone started cheering and coming up to me and saying congratulations. Everyone was staring at me I quickly went to the bathroom and was so mad at him. I forgave him but I havent been so embarrassed in my life.

  7. Ok so is that how this works, I gotta call you all chickens before you fess up? I see!!!

    Tammy, you are right, that is pretty ridiculous! Jenny, that is hysterical! Kim, I know you got a mountain of them probably even better than mine! Karen, sounds like my girl Cassidy was with you–ha ha! Crystal, gotta wear those undies!!!

    We will see who else is not too CHICKEN to fess up! He he!

  8. Ok! I moved back to VA when I was 7 and started going to school; there was this kid everyone called Mark Airbubble. So, I never thought anything different! Several years later in High School my friend is talking with Mark’s family and they mention Mark and I said ” Who Mark Airbubble” they gave me the meanest face and said yeah. I still never thought anything of it. Later I found out his last name is Aires not Airbubble! Turns out they called him airbubble cause of his weight and last name! Who knew! I was mortified that I said that to his family! I also cant believe I had no idea that wasnt his real last name! (also Mark is not his first name I just used that for this story!)

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