Dinner Talk


It is amazing what you can learn at the Maxwell dinner table. I love to gather around the table and hear about the day. Today was an interesting day. Cabell told Troy that she enjoyed eating his new cereal for breakfast today. Troy laughed because he had bought Fiber One for the fiber aspect of it. Understand? Well after Troy told her that we all laughed because she said no wonder I was in the bathroom all day at school. I guess that stuff works!

Cassidy ate goat cheese and a few crackers. Colby complained that he did not want to eat his goat cheese. Cassidy said, “Oh Colby you should just try it, it is good. I can’t even taste the goat at all!” Priceless!

So tell me some interesting stories about your family time. I love to laugh at this stuff! It cracks me up!


~ by pennymaxwell on March 19, 2009.

3 Responses to “Dinner Talk”

  1. Our times of talking usually occur in the car. Last night Olivia said “mom, I’m thinking.” I asked her what she was thinking about and she said “my friends.” I asked her “do you love your friends?” Her response was “yes, and Jesus loves my friends too!”.

    The Reign Forest sure is doing a great job!

  2. We’ve been trying to get MaKayla to stop sucking her thumb … so one day I told her that when she turns 4 she can not suck her thumb anymore. She said that she was going to stay three then. this senario conversation has gone on for a few weeks now. Yesterday when we were having it this is how it went:
    Mommy: MaKayla what happens when you turn 4?
    MaKayla: I can’t suck my thumb anymore … I don’t want to be 4 … you said I can’t stay three … so I’m going to be 5 on my birthday! Then I can still suck my thumb …
    I know you’re laughing Penny … I can sense it …haha!

  3. Andre, his mom, his grandmother and I were all sitting around chatting last night and come to find out…Andre’s dad was in a band! The name is Riot! Joe Bataan and you can hear them on youtube and also on amazon. It is cool to hear his dad singing and they were actually pretty good. His dad worked in the white house and was an advocate for the hispanic people. He made a huge impact on so many lives in his time serving there. There is so much more but that is just some interesting stuff that came out over coffee! Andre loved his dad soo much.

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