Get Vertical!

So it was just another Thursday night. Vertical Youth were going to gather as they normally had each Thursday night. It was not our Grand Opening, it was just another Thursday night, or was it? I showed up to help welcome the teenagers as they came in the door. It was amazing, they kept on coming and kept on coming. There were more teenagers that night than ever before! All of our jaws were dropped. Could we top that? I mean could our Grand Opening top the packed out youth room?


It did! 110 people piled into the Vault (the name for our youth room). The music was playing, the cappuccino machine was cranking, the Chick-Fil-A was permeating the air, the sumo wrestling had begun and the laughter was at an all time high! The atmosphere was electric!


As much fun as I had with all of the social aspects, there were two highlights of the evening for me. The first was watching the teenagers enter into worship. I loved watching that. The other was the 13 teenagers who accepted Jesus at the end of the night. My heart was ecstatic! I had the best time and so did everyone who was there that night! We are all still talking about it, from the youth staff to the teenagers and the parents! It was incredible! Enjoy the pictures!


For more pictures go to my Facebook account! Get Vertical!



~ by pennymaxwell on March 7, 2009.

One Response to “Get Vertical!”

  1. Good day to you mighty woman of God! Awesome testimony. It brought back so many wonderful memories of my days with you guys in SRY at FLM. Yes, the spirit of God is working on this generation as demonstrated at your event! Love the pictures and will continue to pray for this generation as I believe “you ain’t seen nothing yet”:>) Love ya!

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