Risky Business!


I love to read Pastor Craig Groschel’s blog on a regular basis. He put the following blog out there for all of the pastors who view his site to read. If you are in ministry, I hope this helps you to gain some perspective. If you are not in ministry, I hope this helps you gain some perspective. I appreciate all that Craig had to say. I believe that it is Risky Business to be authentic, but so worth it! Enjoy this blog!

Most people will see you as a pastor first. I want people to see me as a follower of Jesus who happens to be a pastor. (In my mind, the difference is big!)

Accomplishing this goal takes some work. Many church members see pastors as a step above the normal person. (Some pastors even believe this to be true.)

To me, the pastor who is viewed as a normal person has an extreme advantage over the one who is viewed as the perfect spiritual leader.

To demystify your pastoral role, you’ll have to take some self-revealing risks. Here are a few suggestions when revealing personal flaws.

  • If you are courageous enough to expose selected spiritual doubts, people may relate to you as a real person.
  • If you carefully reveal a martial struggle (with permission from your spouse), people may be more likely to listen.
  • When you tell about certain failures, many people will feel an increased bond with you.
  • If you are hurting and you express your need, your church family can be aware to pray for and minister to you.

It is not uncommon for someone to say, “Craig when you shared about your struggle with ____________ (fill in the blank), I knew you were a pastor I could relate with.”

A few people might reject you for you authentic confessions, but the vast majority will accept, embrace, and trust you as a genuine believer wrestling to grow closer to Christ.


~ by pennymaxwell on March 3, 2009.

4 Responses to “Risky Business!”

  1. Penny, so right on! I thank God daily that I’ve been under the leadership of Pastors who are real, authentic & transparent. And, I’ve learned that’s where true growth happens. This blog you posted is a great reminder to not put our Pastors on some spiritual pedestal and more importantly it reminds me that where I’m able to reach others is through my own transparency and authenticity, no matter how risky! The paradox is this though, once you honestly start to be real with yourself and then by default others around you, you soon see that real risk is when your NOT.

  2. Dawn, you are right on! Great stuff!!!!!

  3. I so appreciate your honesty and always have PP. When I think of other churches I have been to or would even consider going to I stay right where I am because our church is so relational…I have not found that in most places I have been. So I am gratful and know that it is a lot because you are so honest and ‘TALK” to us! Big thanks. I love that feeling of belonging and you have a lot to do with that because you let us see your self as you really are. Please never stop!

  4. Roddie, on a week where closing up seemed like a good idea, thanks for doing what you always do, make me smile! You are the bestest around! 🙂 Don’t worry, I wont close just, it is just a fleeting thought! Love you!

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