Whatever Doesn’t Kill You…..

A friend of mine who pastors a church in England wrote these amazing words. As I read her words it reminded me of all of the times in my life where God has come through. He always does doesn’t He? Make sure to check out Gillian and her husband’s church. www.championschurch.org.uk


By Pastor Gillian Burchell

God’s desire is for me to flourish in every and any situation. “How can I do that?” you ask me, “You don’t know my situation!” Psalm 92 says The righteous will flourish like a palm tree.
Why a palm tree I ask myself?…   because the palm tree flourishes in every condition-  Heat, storms, drought.
Unfortunately at times,  life is made up of heat, drought & storms,  but God says that at those times, we can actually flourish like a palm tree.
Life doesn’t seem fair alot of the time, but God is always there, right there with us and while that palm tree is bent  right over, did you know it’s actually getting stronger?… it doesn’t stay down, it doesn’t break in two, it just gets stronger!
When you are bent down with issues of life, when you feel like someone has knocked you over, get strong whilst you’re down there!
Don’t curse God , bless God.
Don’t question Him , just trust.
Don’t worry,  just believe.
Don’t give up, press on…. because the best is yet to come.
Remember this…whatever doesn’t kill you, will only make you stronger.
God doesn’t want us to just survive the hurts and disappointments of life…. He wants you to flourish though them.
He doesn’t want you to give up through a storm or a difficult time or a drought or when it feels like the heat has been turned right up.. He wants you to flourish in it.
And when the wind is at it’s strongest, like a very hurricane itself, remember this , when I’m bent over like the Palm Tree,  I have a choice to get stronger

Do you choose to get stronger when your bent over? I want to!


~ by pennymaxwell on February 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “Whatever Doesn’t Kill You…..”

  1. He really is always there and in control-we have to just allow His control. The hard part there really is because we think we need to understand and have all the answers.Or at least that is my personality. The good part is looking back on things and events we can see where God really had prepared us because He knew of the events in advance. To me that makes it easier next time I face things–to remember how He prepared and walked me through before–so yes I was made stronger when I was bent down like the palm tree.

  2. YESSSSS! I love this.

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