Train Up A Child……..


I received some questions today to ponder from a school principal. It made me stop and think. Most importantly it made me take an inventory. As a parent my goal is to see my children thrive and succeed in everything God has for them but that does not happen by default. It happens with intentionality. Am I being intentional in how my children are being raised? I think it is a great way to take inventory. Maybe as you read these questions you too can take an inventory too.

1. Am I spending sufficient time with my children?

2. Do they have a firm grasp on the fact that I love them, accept them, and care very much about their future?

3. Am I communicating life goals?

4. Am I communicating a proper value system?

5. Am I communicating a model of purity?

6 Am I communicating a drive for excellence?

7. Am I teaching them about a commitment to loyalty, integrity, and generosity?

8. Do they really know my spiritual priorities for life?

9. When they leave my home, will they be able to stand alone and live a Godly lifestyle?

10. I also thought I would add, Is the model I am for them the correct one? Can they see Jesus in me?
As a mother I sometimes see things in my children that are not things I want from them. I know if I keep them on the right path and I train them up in the things of the Lord, then they will not depart from His path (Provrbs 22:6). My job is to train them up properly and give them the tools necessary to equip them for this journey called life. I can look at the fruit I see in their lives to know just how well I am doing as a parent. At times I see things I don’t like at all and at other times they hit it out of the park and make me so proud. The point is that I as a parent have a huge part to play in my children living successful, Christian lives. Even though the journey is not always easy, there is not greater call on my life than that of my family.

Are you seeing the desired fruit in your children? Do you need to take inventory? What other helpful things do you want to share?


~ by pennymaxwell on February 18, 2009.

4 Responses to “Train Up A Child……..”

  1. Pastor P, I would add the following bit of encouragement to those who do that inventoey and come away with a sense of “ouch.”. Jesus told a parable about a father who asked his son to do a certain thing and the boy said that he would not. Later on however, the young man changed his mind and obeyed his father after all. Another son seemed to be on the right track, told his father he was on board and then later went on and disobeyed. The scripture you quote here says that,”when they get older” those children trained up will not depart from God’s word. In other words parents, ” it’s not over till it’s over.” My wife and I thought we did everything “right” even before we were married and once we started a family there was NOTHING we did not go through.Aaaargh! Three of the four girls ended up with a police record and one was busted in a Secret Service sting when the kids were counterfeiting money using equiptment at the high school and then spending it on their senoir trip to the Bahamas.One of them told us she was going to visit a girlfreind in Myrtle Beach and when we called to let the girl know she had recently forgotten something at our house we were informed that our daughter was not at the beach after all but in Jamaica!You could not make this stuff up and don’t even try to guess who the “good girl” was! Anyway, everybody got saved again and filled with the Holy Spirit and all four of them are now amazing bigger than life people doingsome truly remarkable things.

  2. Cute picture. Awesome comments-food for thought. I love it, even as a grandparent these are things we can look at in how we influence our grandchildren and other children around us. Also understanding them and relating with age appropriate responses helps us make the best impact, they want to see we love and understand them.

  3. No wonder your daughter became a lawyer! She needed to save some money bailing out the rest of the family! 🙂 I always love your stories, Kim! I love your girls too! They ARE amazing!

    Debbie, you are so right. Grandparents can help too! You are the best! I love to watch you with your grandson!

  4. Hey PPenny! It’s been a while since I’ve been on here…but a simple thing Chasity and I noticed and commented on the other day…a father and daughter had entered a building that Chas and I was coming out of, his teenage son was a few steps behind and instead of coming on in, he held the door and stood there, waiting for Chas and I to come out. He had plenty of time to have already come in before we entered but he waited. I told Chas that was impressive because most boys just don’t do that, most men don’t either!!! But, I said, that said alot about him and then it came to me…that said alot about his parents! As simple as opening a door for a lady, that’s a reflection of the parents, you have to teach them that. That’s what David has always told our 2 kids, you are a reflection of me and your mom, who we are and what we’ve taught you. So far, Chas just turned 18, Alex will be 15 in 2 weeks, thank God I haven’t had any nightmares like Kim has had!!!!! God Bless him!
    We love you and Pastor Troy and we love seeing the body of Christ of Freedom House be the reflection that you have taught us!!!!!

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