He Is On To My Tactics!

My son Colby is pretty smart. He has always been that way, even as a toddler. So why in the world would a smart kid fuss about having to wear long sleeves and a coat in 30 degree weather? Nearly every day we have a verbal wrestling match at how he needs a coat on. He says he never gets cold and takes it with him but won’t wear it.

Well today as I was leaving the house the temperature said it was 24 degrees. I made him put a long sleeve shirt under his short sleeve shirt. I also told him that he needed to wear his coat too. He insisted that he was already going to burn up as it is and he did not take his coat with him.

After the kids finished their dentist appointments we went to Jason’s Deli to eat some salad. After our salads the kids ate ice cream cones. Colby could not make a very big one so I told him I would make one for him. His cone was quite pathetic looking so I ate it and made one for him. The plot thickens. I made the biggest, fattest, roundest ice cream cone you have ever seen. It was so big I started laughing and all three of the kid’s eyes got huge! Colby just kept saying, “I cannot believe you are letting me eat this. Why are you letting me eat all of this ice cream?” I stayed quiet and kept plotting. He kept eating away. I let the kids know it was time to hit the road. Just then as the wind rushed into the restaurant door and blew on us he blurted out, “You are trying to teach me a lesson aren’t you?” I kept quiet and hurriedly climbed into the car. He again kept insisting from the back seat, that I was trying to teach him a lesson. He said, “I am on to you Mommy, I know what you are trying to do!” All I could do is snicker!


So how did this 11 year old kid tune into my tactics here? Yes, I was trying to teach him to listen because it was very cold outside, especially if you are eating a mountain of an ice cream cone! I guess I will have to let you know if my tactics paid off. I doubt it but I am still gonna try to get that kid to wear a coat!

Oh and please, if you send your kids to school in shorts in 30 degree weather please stop! It is making it hard on this mom to get her kid to wear a coat because he is talking about your kid wearing shorts! Help a mother out!

So tell me some of your trade secrets!


~ by pennymaxwell on February 6, 2009.

3 Responses to “He Is On To My Tactics!”

  1. Pastor Penny, I have found this battle with Jordon for the past 3 yaars. I gave up and decided if he froze his butt off one day I would tell him I told him so and WIN…. Good Luck. Trust me, it’s not worth debating over first thing in the morning.

  2. Tactics? I just let her freeze. LOL! Referring to Kiara, not Olivia of course.

  3. I love your comment to other Mom’s! I find this quite funny being a Mom of a freshman college student who all through high school TRIED to wear flip flops in the winter and no coat. I found myself giving her the talk, “that may be what other parents let thier kids do but I am your parent and this is what you are going to do.” To put it simply, I won sometimes and other times she did. BUT IN THE END I REALLY WON, cause she is no longer under the influence of what others think. She is figuring out she has a mind of her own and she doesn’t have to fit it, she can stand out!!! It was a long process and she is not all the way there, but I see progress. THERE IS HOPE!!! Keep sticking to your guns and remember to laugh along the way, cause in the end, YOU WIN.

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