Troy With A Gun…..Ahhhhhhh…….

When Troy and I were in our early years of marriage (this year will be seventeen years–sweet!), we learned a lot. One night I remember hearing footsteps on the back deck. I popped up out of bed and told Troy it was an intruder. I have always slept lightly. He investigated and found out it was a raccoon. Well,  after consecutive nights of this happening, Troy decided he needed to do something. We had a very small puppy and we were concerned that something could happen when we let him outside, you know rabies and such. So we knew we needed to find a solution. We thought we had one.

So Troy had a bright idea to borrow a pellet gun from a friend to “scare” the raccoon away. Sounds good, right? Not at all! Here is how it went down. On another night I awaken Troy again to the sound of raccoon footsteps and he goes out to the back deck. He fires off this “pellet” gun and it goes: POW, POW, POW!!!! It was a real gun that he fired off at 4 am in the morning! Our type A neighbor happened to be watering his plants in the dark and thought someone was trying to kill him. He drag crawls back to his house and calls 911, unbeknownst to us. Troy comes back inside and says, “I don’t think that was a pellet gun.” I let him know that he needed to call the police and explain because our whole neighborhood probably was wide awake and freaking out. He assured me I was over reacting, so I went back to sleep–momentarily. Not five minutes later the police were outside taking an affidavit from my neighbor. We saw the blue and red lights flashing in our home from the front window! Oh why did I listen to him?!

So the police came to our door and talked to Troy and then insisted to “see” me. They wanted to make sure that I was alive and ok. Troy blurted out that he did not have a permit to carry the gun and it was not even his, he had borrowed it! I thought he was going to get carried off to the slammer right then and there but the policeman was merciful. I however was not but that is for another blog.

Well, I know you are all wondering about that poor raccoon.  Since the gun was real and not a pellet gun, the raccoon went bye bye (for good). I was sad. I just wanted to scare him. Troy was a raccoon killer!

So what is the moral of the story? I am sure there are many. My take away is, Troy and guns in a neighborhhod subdivision don’t mix! What morals do you see that I may have missed? I am sure there are plenty  🙂

P.S. No I did not make a Davey Crockett hat!



~ by pennymaxwell on February 5, 2009.

5 Responses to “Troy With A Gun…..Ahhhhhhh…….”

  1. Listening to your wife is a good thing!

  2. HAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAH! That’s gotta be the best PT story ever!

  3. I will come up with a moral….just as soon as I can stop laughing!!

  4. Be specific when you borrow something from a friend.

  5. Moral of the story is don’t live next to Troy? Or is it, never hang out with the Maxwell’s neighbors? Or is it, if you hear something outside at 4am…call the police, nobody needs to be a hero. Now that I finally got the story I was wondering about, you already posted it…See I do read your blog!!! BTW my hero # 867-5309…

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