The House Was Rocked!

Well, the Vicotry! All-Star Mini team tore it up! They rocked the house! They won 1st place at NATIONALS this weekend! I am so proud of my girls and the rest of the team! I knew they were good but watching them perform this weekend was just one of the most incredible feelings in the whole world. That is not because of all of the butterflies in my stomach either! 🙂


It was so cute to see my girls when we came back on Sunday from the competition (we stopped by the third church service on Sunday because we just cannot stay away from that place, of course we were late). I was incognito with my hat and my jeans on and sat in the back. Nobody even knew it was me! The girls, however, strutted down the hall with their National Championship jackets on and their medals around their neck. There was a noticible stride in their step that is not usually there.


So thank you all so much for your prayers and your support. All of the girls were kept safe and enjoyed the whole experience! They have been learning valuable lessons on endurance, teamwork and boldness, just to name a few!


P.S. If you are on Facebook you can check out the girls National Championship video!



~ by pennymaxwell on January 19, 2009.

One Response to “The House Was Rocked!”

  1. We are really proud of you guys ( I mean girls) You are the champs!!!!! Yeah!!!! You can’t see me but I am standing on my head and jumping up and down!

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