All I Could Do Is Gasp!

I had something happen this week that took my breath away from me for a few seconds. I was in awe- that is all I can say. Sunday night my son, Colby, came down stairs. It was around 11:00 pm so I knew something must have been going on. He started saying over and over that he felt something bad was about to happen. He said IT keeps saying something bad is going to happen and to listen. He told me that he did not know what to do that IT kept on saying it over and over again. He said that it had to do with him and his best friend, James.  He was very adamant about it and I knew we needed to pray. It is not like my son to do this. What could be going on here?

Colby and I began to pray and ask the Lord to put a hedge of protection around them. He does not see James all of the time but something was stirring in Colby so strong he could not even sleep. He was actually a bit shaken up and asked if he could just lie beside me for a while. I agreed and just loved on him until he felt ok to go back upstairs.

The next morning Colby ate breakfast, went to school, and got through the day and we never even remembered what had happened the night before. As a matter of fact James’ mother was about to come and meet me at our new offices because she had left her iphone at my house. I was going to give it back to her and she was going to see our new offices. She called me and let me know that she was running behind but that after she picked up James she would meet me there. I told her that I had to pick up Colby too and the boys could hang out and ride the all terrain vehicle up at the offices while we took a tour. She thought that was cool.


When Colby hopped in the car after school and I told him he was going to see James at the property, he was elated. When I told him he could ride the Ranger, (the all terrain vehicle) he was even more elated, he loves that thing!  Not two minutes later, he grabbed the door handle and the middle console and started saying, “IT is back, IT is back, that feeling is back! IT said we are not to get on the Ranger that something bad is going to happen. IT said NO. It said NO! We cannot get on the Ranger! We cannot get on the Ranger.”

As a mother, all I could do is gasp. I had no words. As soon as I calmed myself down from the “what could have happened”,  I let Colby know that the “IT” is the Holy Spirit and if we are willing to listen, God will speak. God was teaching him at a young age to hear his voice. He knows the story of Samuel and understood what was going on after we talked. It was an invaluable moment with my son.

I also had to wrestle with the fact that I was the one who was giving him the authority to ride the Ranger and what that could have caused but one of my friends made me feel so much better. She told me that God was trying to teach Colby to hear God’s voice and had he not listened my radar would have gone off. I pray that it what would have happened as she says. It made me feel like a better mom anyhow.

The other thing that was pointed out to me is the fact that the Holy Spirit started warning Colby the night before. We could only conclude that because Colby loves to be on the Ranger so much (and he is a kid), he might not have made that same decision had it have been split-second and God knew that. So He gave him warning signs the night before. Funny thing is, Colby and James were never supposed to meet that Monday, it was only because of switched plans. BUT GOD KNEW and warned a little boy.


~ by pennymaxwell on January 15, 2009.

6 Responses to “All I Could Do Is Gasp!”

  1. WOW! What a powerful testimony!

  2. Wow! What a great testimony. Who knows what might have happened if he didn’t listen. Way to listen to God Colby!

  3. When my children were small and we were youth pastors at a church in PENN. we had just gotten back from a youth retreat. As I was leaving the church with my 4 children Kim stayed behind. When we left he walked outside. He immediately ” saw our car in an accident…all the doors flew open and the children were thrown out.” He spoke out loud and said, “NO!” 15 minutes later or so a truck in the oncoming lane swerved in front of me coming straight for me. My youngest was not in a car seat…people taking care of her for the weekend had forgotten it…I screamed,”JESUS!’ The truck stopped miraculously one foot in front of my car! Badly shaken I called Kim and he then told me that he had already seen what was going to happen and stopped it from happening by praying. I love it! Isn’t God good?

  4. I have been thinking about this so much this week. I was thinking about how many times God has intervened on our behalf and we never even knew it. How many times we came close to something horrific happening but God stepped in. It just makes this girl so thankful. Thankfulness has filled my heart this week. I cannot tell you how many times I have hugged m children this week. Even this morning I held Colby’s hand all the way to school. Thank you Jesus is all I know how to say!

  5. oh how I LOVE the Holy Spirit. That is awesome!!!

  6. Man Pastor Penny what a powerful testimony! Listening to the voice of God can be hard sometimes when you are not fully paying attention but tuning into what he is saying can be a matter of a life and death or just talking to someone across the lunch room! That story def brings about Hope and that even in this crazy chaotic world that we are in is that we are still able to hear the voice of the Lord.

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