“Heaven Leavers”


Not long ago my husband had a new Christian walk up to him after a message he has just preached and said, “Pastor Troy that is the best “blankin” message I have ever “blankin” heard. I could “blankin” feel God today.”  How funny! My husband cracked up because that person was just where they were at. This man had just entered a relationship with the Lord and was new to Christianity. He didn’t even realize he was dropping bombs all over the place. I really appreciated that my husband handled it so gracefully. He is not religious so he did not need to correct him and make him feel horrible. He just gave him time to grow and come to know Jesus without making him feel like he was less than or inferior.

In time this man has really come to grow in his walk with the Lord. He is such a wonderful person who so wants to please the Lord. He just needed time and love to grow. We allowed him to belong first. Then he started to believe differently, then we saw his behavior change. If you want to help someone in their walk, accept them the way they are, let them belong and then you will see the beliefs and the behavior follow.

You see as mature Christians we should be able to handle the levels other people are on and not feel the need to be the sin police but impart a little piece of heaven into their hearts. We encourage them to grow and help them but we also realize that we were once dropping bombs and someone had to be patient with us. As Christians we need to be the ones who set the stage for that growth to occur no matter where we go or who we run into. I think that the only reason some people get their feathers ruffled when they see others sin is because maybe they are insecure in their own salvation. I read this quote and it made so much sense to me.

“A Christian should be able to go to the White House, a crack house, or their momma’s house and come out with their integrity, vision, compassion, and commitment intact.” Cornell West

The same author of that quote said, “If the Kingdom of God is within you, then everywhere you go you should leave a little heaven behind. People should know you to be a heaven leaver. You can learn to love your crooked neighbor with your own crooked heart because you’re connected to a power and grace greater than your ego.”

So what is left behind when you leave a room?  Are you a “heaven leaver?”


~ by pennymaxwell on January 13, 2009.

3 Responses to ““Heaven Leavers””

  1. Sounds like our church….
    We are really focused on teaching our people that Christianity is not behavior modification but heart transformation

  2. Thanks SOOOO much for posting this Pastor Penny! I started a new job last week and just this morning a woman there said “G.D.” four times in a period of about 7 minutes. Each time she did it, my skin crawled because I hate to hear people use the Lord’s name that way. This also showed me how important it is to just “be me” and be a witness in how I act. This posting made me see even more how I need to reach out to this person to show her Christ’s love and acceptance.

  3. Thank you Penny for sharing this qoute. When we realize that we a representatives of Christ not just in our words but especially in our actions true evangelism can happen. Christ called his followers to be more than just mouthpieces for him. He told us that if we love those like us where is the goodness in that anyone can do that, we are called to love our enemies we are all part of this human family, his creation. Our enemy today may be our friend tomorrow, for each of us has at one time or another been that person that no makes us bristle. Thanks again.

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