Please Be Careful!!

If I just feed the flock and not warn the flock, I may only be fattening up the flock for the kill” — Jon Courson, Applegate Christian Fellowship


I get so frustrated with people who chase signs and wonders. I mean signs and wonders are so great but I think it can get so out of balance. Let me explain.

I see “sheep” chasing the next new this or that and I see people who are hungry for God just grab something and start filling up on it simply because they are hungry. You need to be choosy about what you eat. You need to research the table you dine at.

I have a huge red flag go up in me when I see people chasing churches or ministries simply because they feel that the “gifts of the spirit” are in operation. They heard that sister so and so got healed so they flock there. They heard that brother so and so preaches and fire falls down from heaven so they run there. You see instead of chasing signs we need to chase Jesus. In the last days the Bible says that there will be a lot of counterfeits- a lot! So me, I am being careful. I am not just going to chase anything because I am hungry. I want to put the right things into this body.

I can tell you a great way to tell if what you are eating is good. If you see lots of “gifts” of the spirit but no “fruit” of the spirit, then you need to back up. They are to work hand in hand. We know from scripture that the gifts only operate correctly thorough the fruit or the spirit. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, and self-control are the things that allow the gifts to operate CORRECTLY. If you have the gift of prophecy or faith but have not love you are nothing, according to the bible.

You see sandwiched in between 1 Corinthians 12 and 14 (which are all about the gifts) is 1 Corinthians 13 which is all about love. It should be the center of what the gifts are all about. I feel like that is why it is smack dab in the middle of those two chapters.

I also think that instead of chasing gifts, we as believers should operate in them ourselves. If I got some healing evangelist to pray for me and lets just say his “healing ratio” is 50%, which is huge, why not go directly to Jesus yourself, who has a 100% healing ratio. He never misses.

Now I realize there are times we quite frankly need to have others help us through something but my point is, please don’t get into emotionalism by chasing someone down. It won’t help anything. Only what Jesus did for you can change your situation. Not the TV guy who promises that if you send him $100 bucks then you too can get your miracle. And certainly not the insecure pastor who needs to lord over people to feel like he is the “Man of Gawd”. Please run from that foolishness.

And furthermore, if you keep finding yourself being abused by the same type of “Christian” leader, then you need to ask yourself what is wrong in you that allows that to keep happening to you. It is VERY unhealthy. Don’t be fattened up for a kill!

If you are reading this and you are that unhealthy leader I have been talking about, when are you going to change and stop hurting people? Enough is enough. God is all about love, matter of fact He is love!


~ by pennymaxwell on January 9, 2009.

3 Responses to “Please Be Careful!!”

  1. Send me $100.00 today and I will promise to pray and you will no longer be frustrated by anyone. Go ahead. Send the money and then lay your hands on the monitor directly in front of you.Now repeat the following ten times. “I am no longer frustrated by anyone.” Remember, you have to pray this prayer ten times (out loud) and it will only work when you activate your faith by sending me a love gift of $100.00. For an additional $100.00 you can also recieve our monthly newsletter and our power prayer of the month which is sure to activate signs and wonders in your daily life. Try it now. Gifts of the spirit, signs and wonders, fire from the sky and fires in the kitchen…Nothing to it! Hold on! There’s still more! We will also include a set of genuine Ginsu knives… these are spiritual knives that will enable you do amazing spiritual warfare and cut easily through the all the crap weird Christians can throw your way. Call now. Quantities are limited. Operators are standing by.

  2. Very well said Pastor Penny!

  3. ” If you see lots of ‘gifts’ of the spirit but no ‘fruit’ of the spirit, then you need to back up” <—- that is so true. I tell the story all the time about how I was visiting a church and the church had an organ that was terribly out of tune. Although the organ was out of tune, the musician was so skilled that he was able to play it and make it sound like it was in the right key. The same can happen with gifts…just because the gift is being used doesn’t mean the instrument is in tune! That why the bible says that we are known by our fruit (Matt 7:17-20) not our gifts. This is a great post!

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