How Do You Hear God’s Voice?


I get this question all of the time. People are wanting to know how to hear God’s voice. It is important for us to be able to know this so we can live a life of hearing Him. If we cannot hear Him then our life will not be what it has been designed to be. It is vital!

God speaks in 5 ways.

1. Through His Word

-in my lap right now I am holding my Bible. It is 1,993 pages of God speaking. If we read it, we hear His voice.

2. Through an inner witness

-His Spirit speaks to our spirit and gives us peace about decisions or warnings about what lies ahead. It is an overwhelming impression that is laid on our spirit that we cannot deny.

3. Through people

-God uses people many times to speak His word. You see this over and over throughout the Bible. Just be careful that you also have and inner witness to go along with what someone says to you. Some people hang everything on what another person says and that is very dangerous because we as humans are imperfect vessels.

4. Through dreams and visions

-Not every dream is from God, some can just be you ate pizza too late before going to bed. But a dream or vision from God is unforgettable. You will know when that happens to you. It is almost like you got thrown into an ice bath. It is surreal, amazing and shocking all at the same time.

5. Audibly

-this is the only way I have not personally experienced God speaking; although my husband has a time or two. This is actually the least common way that God talks to us today. The most common is through His Word. If God talks to you audibly, you will know.

Please know that God’s voice is not always logical to our thinking and it is not based on emotion. It is 20/20 hearing, so-to-speak. You know when it is Him even if you don’t like what He is saying. I find when people ask me if something is God it is because they don’t like the answer they got. They want me to give them a plan B.

Please also understand this. God made you to be in communion with Him. You do not need to run around and get a “word” from everyone because you don’t want to hear for yourself. He is not trying to jip you. He wants to talk to YOU! If you have your own “knee time” you won’t have to pull on anyone elses knee time.

Pleas let me know if you have anything to add or any questions!


~ by pennymaxwell on January 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “How Do You Hear God’s Voice?”

  1. If your wife says something more than once it’s almost always God.

  2. That is funny! I will have to tell Troy about that one! 🙂

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