This Is a Test…….

……are you stuck in the 80’s????

I was having dinner with some friends the other night. They were trying to figure out how to get their husbands out of the 80’s in their fashion. One talked about an intervention, the other could only pray for a miracle! I mean these women are so stylish but their husbands look like the 80’s, ok the early 80’s at that. What are they to do?

I decided I would give you some hints so if you are stuck in the 80’s you would know it and hopefully ask someone for some help. If you don’t like to shop, just ask a friend who has some style. They will be glad to help you out (aka deliver you)! I have also found that people who are high melancholy personality types will need the most help with this. You sanguines out there, help them! Melancholy’s do not like change!


You are stuck in the 80’s if….

1. You have had the same haircut for many, many years. (Go look at your pics, if you hair is the same in all of them, time to UPGRADE!) BTW, buzzing your hair off is not in style!!! (police officers and military excluded-ACTIVE service only)

2. You wear Velcro sandles (especially with socks–ouch!)

3. You still wear Lee jeans. (and to be honest, Levis is really pushing it, we will give you 90’s on that one, possibly)

4. You are a man and you wear a skinny black belt, black socks, and running shoes all together.

5. You wear cargo pants. It does not matter what color, all cargo pants are included.

6. You wear penny loafers with khaki pants.

7. You wear cable knit sweaters of any kind.

8. You are a woman who wears blue eye liner, shadow, or mascara.

9. You still get your hair permed.

10. You dress in camouflage to go to the mall (or anywhere but hunting for that matter).

11. You die your hair bleach blond and wear red lipstick and have red fingernails to match.

12. If you still get your nails done and ask for them to be shaped “round”.

*****Disclaimer***** Now dressing current does not mean that you have to dress like a rocker like my husband does but being current in your style, whatever that might be, is always hip. If you are a business man, dress like one but make yourself look relevant and current for what you do. If you are out doorsey, that is fine, just find some clothes from 2008 to wear! We really don’t want to have to call What Not To Wear on you! Clinton, where are you?

So ladies, I am trying to redeem all of us who have been stuck in the 80’s. Hopefully your husband will listen and we can help some other people along the way too!

If you have any more 80’s fashion don’ts, please tell us here! We need to know! There are fashion statements waiting on you!


~ by pennymaxwell on December 31, 2008.

One Response to “This Is a Test…….”

  1. In the 80s, we guys wore sports coats with jeans. Now, that “trend” seems to be coming back. Is that a “no-no” for the 21st Century Guy?

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