Seven Things Staff Members Wished Their Senior Pastors Knew Pt 3


#5 – Understand That I Have A Life

We have a different philosophy here at NewSpring Church when it comes to staff and work hours.

For years we would do the work ALL DAY on Sunday thing, followed by a busy Monday through Friday…then we would take Saturday off and walk around like zombies (calling that a family day)…then we were back to Sunday!

Soon afterward we did the deal where we would give someone a day off during the week; however, with the way our church operates being staff led there always seemed to be some sort of emergency where staff members had to be called in on their day off.

SO…we decided to completely shut down the offices of NewSpring Church on Friday. We all work Sunday through Thursday and then on Friday…everyone is off!!!

IT’S AWESOME! Our staff has a weekend and walk into Sunday rested and ready to go!

I know, I know, “But what if there is an emergency on Friday and someone needs to get in touch with someone?”


Great question…our care area has a system in place should that ever happen. However, my question is, “What if there is an emergency at 3 am on Monday? Are people going to be able to expect to call the office then and find a staff member as well.”

One of the biggest problems in churches today is the fact that many staff members are COMPLETELY FRIED because of a schedule that is demanding and demoralizing.

As a pastor–one of the things I MUST champion is the protection of the people that I serve with. I MUST understand that they need time to relax. I MUST understand that they need time with their families. I MUST understand that the more rested and refreshed they are the better they will do their jobs!

Now there are times when a certain department or team will have to come in on Friday to get some things done…but that is the exception, NOT the rule.


Pastors, what are you doing to make sure the staff you serve with are not FRIED? YOU MUST take the lead on this one!


~ by pennymaxwell on December 3, 2008.

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