Here Are My All Stars!!!

Well, here you go. You are looking at Victory All Star 1st place Champions! They won first place in their competition in Greenville! Way to go! It was so much fun watching my girls compete. They loved winning 1st place and getting cool medals. Here are some pics, enjoy!!! The motion ones did not come out so great but you can get the point!

Oh and leave your shout outs for the girls, they would love to read your comments!!!



~ by pennymaxwell on November 24, 2008.

8 Responses to “Here Are My All Stars!!!”

  1. Congratualations girls! WAHOO!!!!! Hope you had FUN!!!!!

  2. So sorry I missed you this weekend, Crystal! Obviously you know where I was. I was with my All Stars! Thanks for the shout out. I will make sure the girls read it!

    Did you have fun this weekend?

  3. Of course we had fun! We always do when we manage to get down there! Your wonderful hubby PT taught a GREAT meesage! Really changed our view of some things. God is doing great things =) Missed seeing you too but I can tell from the pics you were having a ball in SC! The pics look fabulous by the way! Tell the girls ..and Colby we said hey and see ya soon! … and get some rest! haha!

  4. Cooper says “Wahoo!” as well. He missed you at church but is really proud of you. Way to go!

  5. Way to go girls!!! I’m not too surprised – I know you two rock! :o) Good job!!!

  6. Hi Cabell and Cassidy!
    My name is Brandon and I am a member of Freedom House Church.I am so proud of you! WOW, you guys came in first place?!!! That is awesome!!! You have such wonderful parents and I know that they are so proud of you! I wish I had gotten to see your cool medals! Great stuff! I wanted to let you guys know that this is a wonderful accomplishment. Congratulations! In addition, I want you to know that God gives us all talents, gifts, and abilities. God blessed you guys with a wonderful performance and the ability and talent to do it. Always put God first in your life and thank God for your great performance. In addition,thank God for loving parents who take you to practice and performances, encourage you, and love you unconditionally no matter what 🙂 Never let anyone tell you that you cannot do something because, as we see with your triumphant first place performance, with God all things are possible. You are two beautiful young girls and God has such wonderful plans for your life. Keep striving to be the best you can be for Jesus! Also keep having fun and enjoying life! By the way, I loved your pics! I will keep your entire family in my prayers and ask that you will keep me in your prayers as well. God is soooooooo good! Congrats to the ALL STARS!

    So Proud Of You,

  7. Congratulations girls! That is awesome…and doesn’t your mom look hot these days! Penny- loving the hair and those tiny little jeans. You go girl!

  8. Way to go Cassidy and Cabell!

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