Gas for $1.69 Per Gallon!


I am just so excited! I just bought gas for $1.69 per gallon. I traveled to Greenville, S.C. this weekend because my girls have a cheerleading competition. It is really cool to watch them flipping, tossing, and twisting all around like they do! And did I mention flying in the air?! So much fun! Anyhow, on my way I had to stop and get gas. It was so cheap! I mean I think the last time I saw it this darn cheap was in the 80’s. I honestly don’t remember it being this cheap except for then.

Have you guys seen it that cheap? What are you paying per gallon for your gas? I will post cheerleading pics soon! Keep watching!


~ by pennymaxwell on November 23, 2008.

One Response to “Gas for $1.69 Per Gallon!”

  1. i got it this morning for $1.65 in Chesterfield at the WaWa. And Cassidy looks like your twin girl. Cabel was always Troy’s look alike. I am glad you finally have a child that looks like you:>) They are too sweet and glad they are cheering their little hearts out! Hey Happy Thanksgiving to you and the family! I am headed to Utah to spend five days chilling and skiing! Pray for a sista who hasn’t skied in about 10 years….look out bunny hill!

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