What’s The Deal With You??


I put this darn near life-sized picture of me on this blog so we could have a talk, face to face.I have discussed this a little but I am going to just throw it out there again for everyone so we can all be on the same page. I have been diagnosed with Mono. Now, I am pushing through this because I believe that God is our healer BUT I also know that part of why my immune system needs to recover is because of the pace at which I live life. Well, at least that is what my husband tells me (see Honey, I do listen!) Anyhow, I am telling you this because I am a little more quiet and subdued than normal. Everything is fine with me, I am ok, I just don’t have the energy level that I normally have. Troy says I am just like a normal person now. It is weird being normal and needing this much sleep!

One of my closest friends has been diagnosed with this as well and she has been MONTHS recovering and I do not plan on being in that boat so I am really trying to rest and get back to the FULL me. The full me is so much more fun!

So if you are wondering why I am not hugging you 15 times at church or all up in your face squeezing and kissing you like I normally am, that is why. I still love you and am hugging you in my heart. I am just trying to take it easy so I can get back to hugging and squeezing you faster!

This has been tough on me from the standpoint of wanting to be there in my normal capacity but I am just not there yet. I knew that you guys would understand if I told you what was going on with me so I wanted to put it out there. Actually, If you wouldn’t mind praying for me, I would really appreciate it. I love prayer and am thankful for all of those wonderful prayers that I can get!

Also in closing, thank you so much for being so understanding and loving the “half Penny” too! I will be back in full force soon, ready to rumble!! And BTW for those of you who like the quiet Penny, shes not staying so don’t get too use to it!!!!

So that’s my deal!

P.S. If you are my husband, you are not allowed to comment on this post about me resting. I am resting. I am sitting on the sofa right now as I type this! Ha! So there! 🙂


~ by pennymaxwell on November 18, 2008.

8 Responses to “What’s The Deal With You??”

  1. That’s such a nice picture of you. I think I will make you my screensaver. Everyone will ask me, “Who is that?” and I’ll answer,”Oh…that’s one of my pastors,” and they’ll probably say, “Nah…Really?” I will just smile and say,”Yup.”

    Hurry up and get well.

  2. Pastor Penny, I have compassion for you. I had mono in highschool and was out of school for 6 weeks. Not fun at all.

    How in the world did you get this condition called “the kissing disease”? 🙂

  3. I LOVE YOU PASTOR PENNY!!! Both hyper and quiet 🙂

  4. Pastor Penny,
    You are an awesome person, whether you are quiet or not. I remember the first time we met at freedom house and you embraced me with a hug. It helped me feel so welcome. Also, I can not forget the time you gave me leads when I was going through my other trial. You have such a wonderful heart and thank you for being so willing to share your heart with us. Of course I am praying and believing with you, but if there is anything else you need just send me an email.

  5. OMG!! Not the dreaded Mono? I had it a few years back as an epidemic of it broke out at a college campus I was taking a course at and it had me out of action for about 8 weeks. I can relate to how you must be feeling but know that we are praying for ya here in Richmond and use this moment to take some “Penny time”. You do so much for others, now it is your time to do for Penny. Be still and know that HE is GOD!!! This is the perfect time for you to catch up on those quiet things in your life. :>)

    Love ya!

  6. I totally hate that you have to deal with this and will definitely pray that it is gone soon. I do think that this new pace of life will help prevent it from ever coming back though 🙂

  7. Aww, I am having trouble imagining you resting … you’ve got similar traits as Greg … the energizer bunny traits! haha! Praying for ya and see ya soon!

  8. Kim, screen saver or dart board? If I come to your house and my pic has holes in it, I will know! 🙂 Thanks guys for your sweetness! I love you all! You guys are the best people in the whole wide world!

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