5 Things You Should Never Hear From Church Staff

I got this too from Perry Noble’s blog. He is a great pastor in South Carolina. Read what he wrote. It can apply to your church staff, your organization’s staff or your business’s staff. Good stuff.

I am going to be blogging too about things that the staff want the senior pastor to know. Yep, the tables will be turned!

I have the privilege to serve with an incredible staff…a fired up group of “git ‘r done” men & women who love Jesus and NewSpring Church.

However, in my ministry experience, both in the life of NewSpring, working in other churches and conversations with many pastors and leaders I believe there are five phrases that we should NEVER hear from someone on staff.

#1 – “That’s Not My Job.”

When a staff member is asked to do something and they reply, “That’s not my job,” then you can be assured that he/she does not have a heart that is fully devoted to the ministry.

The staff we have here at NewSpring Church walk around with fire in their eyes…and when asked to do something they just make it happen. Now…I have seen this abused & do not think ANYONE should allow themselves to be ran over; however, when asked to do something that might not serve the person BUT WILL SERVE THE CHURCH…the answer should always be yes.

#2 – “That Can’t Be Done.”

I have noticed something about staff members that say something cannot be done…USUALLY the ones who say that are the ones who are going to be asked to do the particular project they are freaking out about…and it will require tons of work…SO, they just say it can’t be done.

I have a rule…I don’t ever want to hear can’t be done. One of the best people on the planet at this is Ken! He is one of the founding members of NewSpring Church as was hired to come on staff in 2002. I’ve NEVER heard him say, “we can’t do that!” HOWEVER…

He is realistic with me–he has often said, “Now we CAN do that…but it will require such and such and we don’t have that–and if we want it then it is going to cost this…so what do you want to do?” I LOVE HIS ATTITUDE!

Trust me, when a staff member continually says that something cannot be done they either have a lazy work ethic OR a very small view of who God is…neither are beneficial for your team.

#3 – “All I Need Is More Staff & Money To Make This Happen.”

When people begin to use resources as an excuse for a stagnant or failing ministry then you can be sure they are in trouble and have most likely became spoiled, thus forgetting the art of being innovative.

#4 – “Recognize Me!”

Beware of the staff member who is always telling you how much work they did, how many hours they put in and how tired they are.

HOLD ON…as a leader it is our job to make sure that staff members are not sacrificed on the alter of ministry. We should pay them well and make sure they have adequate time off. More often than not we have to FORCE people around here to take time off.

BUT…when someone is always demanding attention for the work they’ve done then you can be sure that either pride or insecurity is coming out…and neither are good!

#5 – “My ministry needs BLANK to…and if we don’t get it then…”

When a staff member begins to focus on his/her ministry more than the church as a whole…trust me, you have a HUGE problem.

A good staff member does have passion and vision for their particular area of ministry; however, they have an even greater passion for the church as a whole and will gladly lay aside their plans if it means that it is best for the church.

The church will either operate as a loosely organized group of sub ministries…OR ONE BODY with many parts…and if a staff member cannot be a part of the body then they most likely do not have a kingdom mindset.


~ by pennymaxwell on November 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “5 Things You Should Never Hear From Church Staff”

  1. This relates to church and their staff. I let several churches use my car lot for their annual “trunk and treat.” When I arrived at work the following day I found the place a mess with cigarette butts, bits of hot dog buns and candy wrappers spread throughout the parking lot.The office floor was left really dirty….you get the picture. I’m not mad and I will let them use the place again next year but do you know what my first thought was? I thought if this had been FHC the place would have been left cleaner than when they had found it. They would have left a thank you card and perhaps a little gift of some sort. I am so proud of my pastors and their staff and the culture they are building at Freedom House Church.

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