7 Things Senior Pastors Want Their Staff To Know Pt 2

Continuing from yesterday…

#2 – You Will Never Know The Weight I Feel

Ministry is tough on every level–period. However, the pain and burden that a pastor has to deal with is unlike any area I’ve ever experienced.

I served as a staff member for nine years before becoming the senior pastor…and there isn’t a class on the planet that can prepare you for what is coming your way…both good and bad.

I did a blog post entitled “The Pastors Pain” a while back that deals with this…here’s the link if you haven’t read it. I know some pastors are afraid to talk about this stuff because they are afraid of what people might think about them saying, “My job is tough!”

(By the way…I received a good bit of feedback from the post mentioned in the paragraph above…and the only people who had a problem with it were people who had never served a church as a senior pastor!)
Truth is truth…and it doesn’t really matter what anyone thinks–period! Staff member…do all that you can to pray for that man! Trust me…he goes through it!

#3 – Don’t Settle For Good Enough

One of our core values here at NewSpring Church is excellence…which does NOT mean perfection…but it does mean giving something your best effort.

As a senior pastor I have an incredible amount of confidence that the people I serve with are going to do all that they can to make sure that whatever they are working on is the best it can be!

One of the biggest problems in church world today, in my opinion, are churches that put a pathetic presentation out there and then use the word “authentic” to describe it.

(I also find it fascinating that some churches say, “we try really hard to keep it authentic.” My question is…if it is truly authentic…should you have to try to keep it that way? Just curious!)

We are called to do whatever we do with the absolute best effort we can put forth. I do not expect perfection from our staff because I am not perfect…but I do want everyones best effort because I believe God works through people who are willing to go all out for Him…and then believe He is going to go all out as well!


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