Shrinking Pastor Lessons Con’t

6. Eat well-I am learning to choose foods that energize my body and make me feel good not yucky after I eat them. I am learning to make very good choices for fuel. Food is fuel for my body and I need to pick things that make my body run well. I am also learning to eat small meals all day long as opposed to 3 big meals. It helps my body burn fuel and it helps me to not feel sluggish during the day. I still teat myself but even my junk food is usually free of chemicals and preservatives. I do have little obsessions at times but I try to limit those and pick things that make my insides smile. (Ok that is what I tell my kids as I am trying to teach them to pick healthy foods too, they ask me all the time when they eat something good, “Mommy, are my insides smiling?”)

7. Be of good courage-There were times I felt discouraged but most of the time I knew some how, some way there was an answer out there for me. I know that God is the only reason I was able to have courage because I look back at old pictures and honestly don’t know how I did it. It is because I didn’t, God did. He kept me with my chin up and my confidence high. It was only Him. I am truly amazed and humbled by all that He did to keep me. It is hard to believe that I had those symptoms for so many years and still unequivocally walked in my calling, which happens to be on a public platform. It is hard to go through that publicly but honestly, I have to say Jesus is the ONLY reason I came through that.

8. Be thankful-I have learned to be thankful not only when I have the breakthrough but while I am sitting in the pit too. As hard as it was some days, I could always find something to be thankful about. It really helped me to do that because there is always something to rejoice about in our lives and I did not want one situation to whip me when there were so many other amazing things God was doing in my life and in those around me. I learned thankfulness in the process. My favorite part is being thankful it is over though. That is the thankfulness I like the best.

9. Reward yourself-I was so excited to have made accomplishments in my health that I decided that I was going to reward myself for each victory along the way. Some of those rewards included a new bathing suit, new jeans, and things that just made me feel better. I mean I had to buy new clothes anyway, so why not let it be ok to reward myself for reaching my goal–to be healthy and have balanced hormone levels. I want to be proud of where I am and if it means getting those skinny jeans like I have always wanted, I was going to do that.

10. Don’t give up-Never, never, never quit! Even if I had to go to tons of doctors again, I would do whatever it took to see the results I was looking for. Being a quitter, even if you have to explore down the wrong path at times, is never an option. There is an answer out there if you never let yourself quit or grow weary in your quest. I felt frustrated at times and like I was just wasting time, and sometimes I was. But, what I now know is that it was all part of my process and I am thankful for each and every thing I have learned and am still learning through this experience. It was not easy and I can say there are times where I hear the enemy’s voice try to put fear on me of returning to the way things were, but last time I checked, the enemy has been defeated already. So don’t let his voice be louder than the voice that can pull you through any situation, the voice of JESUS!


~ by pennymaxwell on October 22, 2008.

4 Responses to “Shrinking Pastor Lessons Con’t”

  1. HMM, I think your blog is confirmation. The Lord’s been dealing with me about making better food choices over the last few weeks. I have been activley pursuing this over the past week 🙂 I didn’t like it at first … I didn’t like veggies very much but have found a way to like them … I didn’t like excercise ALL … but I found I like walking and I really enjoy Pilates … I feel WAAAAY better already. And you’r right, being overweight seems to run in my family on both sides … so even though I feel like I have been yoyo dieting ..I was letting the voice of the devil be louder than that of God’s … “you’ll always be over wieght because that’s how your family is ..yada yada yad ..” what a bunch of boloney! I am more than a conqueror! And I choose to let what God says be louder than satans! Can I get an amen! haha!

  2. Thank you for sharing this. The timing is impeccable.

  3. I just want to say “YOU GO GIRL!!” You tuly have been an inspiration to us all! THANK YOU for being such an amazing role model….AND doing so in excellence. Sure do love you!

  4. Pastor Penny I am so happy that I found your blog. I have been struggling with PCOS for the last 4 years. I Have had really bad time for the last month and 1/2. It has been so hard for me. I have been back and forth to the doctor with no new options. I aways here well if you just lose 30 lbs everything will be better. Yet when I lose 50 lbs I end up gaining 65 lbs. I am so thankful and hopeful after reading your whole journey. I would really like it if you e-mail or even call me so I could ask my doctor about what you had done. I know everyone is different but, God brought me to your page. I will listen to him and ask you for information. I really want to be better even if it is by a doctor. I know God made them too.

    You are awesome and I am so proud to call you my Pastor. I love your honesty and your transparency.
    Alicia Adams

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