10 Random Things About Me

1. I met my husband at a fraternity party. He was dressed like a tree.

2. My friends say I am a food snob because I am picky about what I eat. (I just think it convicts them to eat healthy, that’s all)

3. I can flair my nostrils!

4. I am not a morning person. I prefer to stay up late and wake up when I feel like it. Now I have children so this is not always possible but it is how this chick is wired!

5. I love people! There is not much more fun to me than getting to know people and meeting new friends!

6. I hate the taste of coffee. Now you would think that living with Troy Maxwell would have rubbed off on me but it hasn’t. I would rather eat dirt than drink a cup of coffee. Seriously! I mean do I need caffeine anyway?? Not a chance!!!!

7. I love to cook! I have always loved to cook even since I was a child. I love it when my kids come in and help me too. It is so much fun to do together! I also love how much it makes my husband smile. It really is the way to his heart through that belly of his! He loves for me to cook for him!

8. My husband said to tell you that I count corners. (That is certainly a random thing about me.) If I am in a room I count the corners in it. A car, the corners. I just randomly count corners wherever I am. Troy will look over at me and ask when we get somewhere, “How many corners does this place have?” The room I am in now has 12 corners!

9. I started college majoring in fashion design. I have always loved fashion. Fashion tells a story and I like that. I quickly switched, however, to public relations because a major in design required way too many math classes! Way too many! Who needed that!

10. I have secret red neck tendencies. When we ride on long trips I like to stick my feet out the window and let the wind blow though my toes. My husband told me to tell you that one too.

What is a random thing about you?


~ by pennymaxwell on October 8, 2008.

18 Responses to “10 Random Things About Me”

  1. Lol–counting corners! Why? That is funny to me.

  2. 1. I am allergic to all of my favorite fruits and vegetables 😦 but I eat them from time to time anyways 🙂 apples, bananas, oranges, broccoli, corn

    2. The shower curtains have to be closed at all times

    3. I have a twin sister

  3. Crystal, you have a twin sister? No way! April, I don’t know why I do it. It is really weird I know but I am always counting in my head. BTW, I noticed you gave no cool facts about you! I know you got them too! Fess up!

  4. OK, Troy was dressed like a tree? Does that mean he was wearing brown pants and a green shirt? or a christmas tree? Oh, the visuals I am getting right now!

    Random About Jacq: I only wear sneakers to the gym and this is the first year I have ever wore shorts (in my adult life). Just too hot, ya know. Pretty big breakthrough for me. And as of August 15th, I have been completely caffeine free and I feel so much better. Don’t think I like coffee either (always had it super sweet and milky) but I thought I needed the jump start. It’s a miscomception.

  5. yep, and she worked in Kingdom Kids … you might have been dropping Colby off and it was her and you never knew it! haha!

  6. While watching a movie I like to take a bite of a pickle, a bite of popcorn, a swig of pepsi mix it all together in my mouth and swallow the tasty goodness. Don’t mock it until you’ve tried it!

  7. Ok Jacq, he had no shirt on, a grass skirt, and leaves in his hair like Caesar Augustus! It was a jungle party at the frat house that night! The rest is history!

    April, you are so preggers! Yuck! Ugh!

    Crystal, really? You are not joshing me?!

  8. Wow, PP. Counting corners sounds slightly OCD … which is a category I would never have seen you fitting!

    I count things too. I subconsciously add up license tag numbers, or make them fit into mathematical patterns.

    I also have a touch fetish. I love cool, silky flat surfaces (such as a glossy wood table) I can press my hand against. I love wrapping certain fabrics (such as denim) around my fingers. And I love putting my fingers or fingertips in holes. 😀

  9. Nope not joshing you 🙂 I’ll send you a pic

  10. I have an amazing memory for music lyrics. I can hear a song 2 or 3 times and remember most of the words. When I was younger and heard a new song with a lot of words, I would record it and play it and pause it so I could write down all the words. By the time I had rewound and listened to it over and over (in order to catch all the words), then I would know the whole song.

  11. Lets see..I am sort of OCD so have a lot of wierd facts I could make public but a not so dingy one is I love to sing. It is like oxygen for me. I am not a corner counter but I have to always know where the exits are in a building and the location of the restrooms. I drive my family nuts doing that. Anytime we enter a building they always say okay mom find your exits and restrooms. I think I just like to critique restrooms. TGIF has the coolest one’s I have yet to see. They are very art deco like and believe it or not I get great ideas on how to decorate from checking out restrooms. And Troy dressed like a tree? That is funny. I have videos of the 70’s retro party from SRY with the Afro wig. That was a hoot so as a tree….oh my…

  12. That pic at the top doesn’t show the real deal because Penny is bare-foot hanging out the window. And when we go on a trip there will be a bag of Funyuns in her lap and a bunch of gum balls in her mouth. Don’t let her fool you, she can do the junk food like a good red neck girl!!!

  13. 5 about me.

    1. I count the walls in every room. You would think it always equals 4, but it doesn’t.

    2. I love the smell of coffee, but don’t drink it.

    3. I would rather read a book, than to watch a movie.

    4. I know almost every place in which to stop and get a nap while driving on I95 from New Jersey to Florida without being hassled by others to move on.

    5. I am a closet singer.

  14. Pastor Penny has the best blog in the whole world. It’s like a swimming pool in July. You just have to jump in!

    10 Random Things About Me

    1. English is my second language.
    2. My real name is Achim. (Don’t try to pronounce that unless you’re a Jew)
    3. I have been incarcerated twice. Once in France!
    4. I snore so loud I wake myself up.
    5. My favorite band is Arcade Fire.( Can’t stand Christian music- except for real worship)
    6. I love to read. ( anything and everything)
    7. I saw the Rolling Stones in concert on my fiftieth birthday.
    8. Gene Edwards wrote A Tale of Three Kings in the front bedroom of our house at 1220 Ave. Tache in Quebec Canada.
    9. My wife was one of the original twelve women selected for ordination by the Episcopal Church. (She liked the cool outfits)
    10. I love my pastors.

  15. Waya to go Kim–cool.
    About me:
    1. I am basiclly shy–but I have made a point to work at overcoming that.
    2. I am a strange mix because I don’t know how being shy and liking colorful clothes and taking charge of things go together, but there you have it.
    3. I believe that being a Gamma (grandmother in case you can’t figure it out) is about the greatest, funest (is that a word) thing in the world. Non spiritual of coarse.
    4. I love being a wife-we are best friends too.
    5. I love being a mother-and now to grown kids–more hubby time.
    6. I met my hubby when we were 15 and 16 respectfully–we parted as teens and ran into each other years later when our lives were in a transition period–long story, but God had a plan.
    7. I love riding our Harley Davidson–and I took a class to ride myself, but ours it to heavy–but really I like being behind my husband best. It is my “quiet time”.
    8. I would like to fly an airplane.
    9. I love working with numbers and accounting things–Makeda thinks that is weird.
    10. Pastor Penny-I like to put my feet on the dash or out the window too.
    11. I wish blogs had spell check.

    Happy Birthday Pastor Penny–you are awesome!!

  16. Dear PP, You are wonderfully random! I never know quite what to expect! OnE thing is for sure it is never boring!
    By the way your message last week was wonderful. It was like you had been listening to a conversation I was having with my duaghter Joanna just the day before. She really “nailed” me! Thanks for the confirmation of what we had been talking about.
    Your “bud” Roddie

  17. 5 randoms
    – I like Funyuns too Pastor Penny – but Bill won’t let me eat them around him.
    – As I kid, I went to 13 different schools (k-12th) and am NOT a military kid
    – I lived 1/2 my life in Vegas, 1/2 in Michigan
    – I was able to see my sister come out of the birth canal (she’s 7 now)
    – I was the #1 doubles tennis player in my city during high school

  18. A Harley Debbie?? No way! Amanda, were you in the witness protection program or what? Roddie, it hurts when those close to us call us out but they love us or they would just leave us like we are. It hurts but it is worth being better! You ARE my bud!!!!

    Love you all!

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