You Have A Hole God Won’t Fill!!!!!

How could I say that? How could I say that you have a hole that God will not fill?

I have been reading this amazing book called, “Everybody’s Normal Till You Get To Know Them”. I always thought I was a relational kind of girl but boy has this book been spanking me. It has opened my eyes to just how much I need you and just how much you need me. We need each other. In the second chapter it says that “you have a human-shaped hole in your heart that God himself will not fill”. WOW! How powerful is that!? I mean go back to the garden and see for yourself. Adam had God and walked with him in the cool of the day BUT he still created Eve. If God is ALL you need, why did he do that? Because he wants us to realize we need other people in a profound way. He created us for community. In fact God himself lives in community and has since time began (Trinity anyone?) God also created human beings because He was so in love with community that he wanted a world full of people to share it with. Is this sinking in for you?

Think about it like this. If we didn’t need others then how come we feel lonely sometimes? Some of us who have been hurt and swear off of relationships because of that hurt just aren’t happy people. If that is what God intended then why does it hurt when we isolate ourselves? Why do we feel alone if that was the answer? I mean if that is what we are supposed to do because people just keep hurting us, why doesn’t that solve our problems? It is because it was not and is not God’s plan for us!

Another point in the book was that “our society is increasingly devoted to, obsessed and enslaved by achieving and increasingly bankrupt and impoverished when it come to connecting”. Connecting= our relational world, achieving= our accomplishments. In other words, achieving is not a substitute for connecting! You can try to fill your life with accomplishments but you will still need people, imperfect people.

Let me put it to you like this. “You will never know a person who failed at relationships-who was isolated, lonely, unconnected, had no deep friendships-yet had a meaningful and joy-filled life!!!!”

So where are you? How has this made you think? Do you feel lonely? Is your life joy-filled?


~ by pennymaxwell on October 3, 2008.

3 Responses to “You Have A Hole God Won’t Fill!!!!!”

  1. Pastor Penny,
    Thank you so much for a wonderful message this morning. Thank you for talking about the dots in our lives. I was really blessed by it this morning.

    Brandon Bracey

  2. Dear Penny,
    I know that we are only assigned one chapter per two week period,for our Chic Chat group, but have not been able to put the book down. Just flew to NY and back Wed, and today and read in the airport and on the plane. Every chance I get I am reading this incredible book. Another one of God’s orchestrated moves in the journey called ” My Life”. Every book, class and group discussion this year has the same message for me…..get connected, you need relationships…Thank you Jesus for teaching me what I really need.

  3. I know, isn’t it a great book?! I am loving it too. I get the reason you cannot put it down (even though you cheated-he he)!

    Love you Kath!

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