I’m How Old???

I am getting ready to turn a year older and the funny thing is that I honestly could not remember how old I was turning. I had to ask Makeda because I knew that we were the same age (well I am a couple months older but I knew we were close. Does that mean I am wiser too? Ha ha). She had to tell me because I was a year off. (Ok there goes the whole wiser bit!) Isn’t that weird? I actually forgot. Glad she is keeping track or I guess I could have read my drivers license!

Now let me just clarify that I am not in denial of my age and therefore just did not remember. I just don’t think about it because I learned a long time ago that age is really in the heart, it has nothing to do with years or a calendar. I believe that being young at heart is scriptural and my desire is to have “my youth renewed like the eagles” even when I am in the sunset years of life.

The calendar says that I am getting ready to turn 37 but I feel like I am 25 on the inside! I remember being 25 and ready to conquer the world. I feel the same way now, it’s never changed!

So you ask me how old I am and you just never know what age you’ll hear! 🙂

How old are you, really?

I think this lady thinks shes younger than the calendar says too!


~ by pennymaxwell on October 2, 2008.

8 Responses to “I’m How Old???”

  1. Are you an October baby? October is a REALLY good month in our home … Danya’s, Mine AND Greg’s are all within 3 daus of each other! MaKayla is the odd ball with March … but that’s a good month too becuase that’s when both girls got adopted … just 2 years apart 🙂

  2. I am an October baby!

  3. I’ve done that more times than I can remember. It’s good to know I’m not the only one! (And to answer your question, I’m turning 40 this year!)

  4. I love the picture! I agree that age is more how you feel inside than out. Somedays I feel 90 and others I feel 16! LOL! Happy early Birthday!

  5. I am also and October baby–the month with all the beautiful color and change. I see my life the same–filled with change (which I have learned to do better as I have gotten older) and with much vibrant color/variety. I also forget my age and have to be reminded and since I was 29 that has been true (29 was a horrible year, but really when God began to teach me that my age was not a factor in fullfilling His destiny in my life). Over 50, a wife, mother, grandmother and a daughter of God–and I feel younger than ever (most days). Happy birthday to my sisters (& brothers too) born in October–a beautiful month for beautiful people.

  6. How old am I really? Almost 19. 🙂 (I know I’m a baby! Hehe) My birthday is Monday so I’m an October girl too! I love October, because the weather is so beautiful. It’s not blazing hot like August and it’s not freezing like January (it’s below zero in Illinois then). Fall is my favorite season and it’s so pretty when the leaves change. I don’t think I’ve ever forgotten how old I was turning, but give me a few years and we’ll see. 😉 Happy early Birthday, PP! I hope the kids and PT spoil you good!

  7. Happy Birthday, Pastor Penny! You’re loved by the Garretts!!


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