Have You Ever Asked Yourself………..

Have you ever asked yourself if you were making a difference in this world? I have. I ask myself that all the time. Today this email came in the office and it made all of us on staff smile. It should make you smile too if you serve at Freedom House Church or if you give of your resources to see other people’s lives changed!!! You are doing it! You are making a difference! Here is what the email read (I have omitted the teenagers name and left it exactly as it was written).

hi, my name is xxxxxx and i am 13 years old. i attended freedom house for the first time on september 28 at the 8:30 service. i am always very skeptical when i try out a new church but, i loved freedom house. i really liked freedom house because it was very personable and you feel like you apart of the the service. the word for the day was how to be authentic and real and when i heard that i just thought ‘wow i couldn’t be here on a better sunday’. i have had a lot going on in these past few months, 2008 has been a very hard year, and i have been through a lot more than most 13 year olds. but, from just being in that service when i walked out of those doors i felt refreshed and as if a 100 pound weight was lifted off of my shoulders. i feel so blessed after visiting freedom house church. i can’t wait to come back! =]]]

Now all of you who serve and share your talents, who give of your resources, who give of your precious time should read that email and know that YOU make a difference. You make a difference each and every week. I mean if a TEENAGER can say that you know YOU are doing it Freedom House!

I am so, so proud to serve along side of all of you. You really have no idea how blessed Troy and I are to pastor such amazing people who make life changes like this one possible!

If you have ever asked yourself if you made a difference……………………the answer is YES!!!!!!!!!!!


~ by pennymaxwell on October 1, 2008.

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