No Gas In Charlotte!

Ok someone out there must tell me why there is no gas in Charlotte. I have talked to friends in other parts of the country and they think I am crazy when I tell them I went to 17 gas stations and they all had no gas. Even my friends/family in Virginia think this is crazy and they are just one state up. They are not far at all! SO why Charlotte?

Come on bloggers, give me some info. I know one of you must know!


~ by pennymaxwell on September 27, 2008.

10 Responses to “No Gas In Charlotte!”

  1. On our trip a few weeks ago to Alabama, we were having trouble finding gas down there … we didn’t know if we were going to make it NC! But we always found a place. We were in Richmond today and they had gas … it was even 3.34 at one place up by Short Pump. And I know we have it down here in Prince George because we just filled up … maybe it’s because everyones using yalls? Everyone coming to visit the charlotte area and looking for houses? haha!

  2. Ripple effects from Gustav and Ike. Refineries in the Gulf have been majorly affected and supply has decreased to the two main supply lines that affect the GA and Carolinas. They were already operating on lower supply levels and the hurricanes just made the problem more pronounced. Hopefully, help is on the way for you guys!

  3. Funny. I just blogged on this myself. I think the real issue was that people began to panic and act foolishly and selfishly. What could have been a very short term problem due to the hurricanes has grown to this magnitude because of the scared, selfish Charlotteans! If everyone would just calm down a little…we could all get gas in the next few days.

  4. I am looking forward to getting the answer on this, because I don’t know either! I talk to people all over the country every day at work and I’ve asked many of them and not only do they HAVE gas, but it’s closer to $3.00/gallon!

  5. Hey Peeny its Matthew. There is a direct line that runs from Texas/Louisiana area to the Charlotte area that was shut down during the storm. Well during the time they were turning it back on there were issues. Also to add further clarification the Charlotte area is fed by that line only and not by ships like most of the East Coast. Exxon Mobil seems to have priority on the lin or something either way its a bad situation because we really need another way to get fuel besides pipelines. That is what i know from talking to the owner of an Exxon who filled me in.

  6. Finally, some answers! I appreciate my faithful bloggers filling me in on it! Way to go you guys!

  7. Hey !!Atlanta was the same way on Saturday. My bud lives there and called me saying he could not get any gas and had been to about 8 stations and they had signs stating “No Gas” I am headed to Cherry Pt. NC today so hope they have gas there.

  8. I heard on the news this morning that the ‘holding area’ or whatever it’s called for Charlotte/Carolina has plenty of gas but they’re holding it back from the gas stations here because they’re scared they will run out before the next shipment comes in… so they’re sitting on it and laughing at the mile-long lines and $0.00 signs on the gas stations. :-/

  9. I knew you have the answer Matthew, you are such a smarty pants! No matter what it is I am needing to know, you would have the answer. I am confident of that! 🙂

  10. Do you guys have gas yet? Cause I would really like to be able to get back home again next weekend 🙂 We are bringing a friend of Danya’s and I think her parents might get a little upset if we don’t have her back on Sunday night! haha!

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