My Doodlebug!

If you know me very well you know that I don’t call anyone by their real name. I make up names for everyone. Troy’s name is Punkin Lunkin. Cabell is Princess Wu Wu which often gets shortened to Wu. Cassidy is Soppa Pia which gets shortened to Soapy. Ok, so that brings me to Colby. His name is Doodlebug. Since he has gotten older and so much more mature it is no longer Doodlebuggy like it used to be it is just Doodlebug. And alas, I shorten his too. He goes by Doodle much of the time.

Well I was going through a stack of papers the other day and I found a poem that Doodle wrote for me last year. It makes me smile inside. I laughed, I cried, it moved me, Bob! Ok, if you don’t have kids you won’t get that joke. Anyhow, here is how it goes (unedited):


Hair flowing, a whisper in the wind,

A sun ray encasing me in a hug,

Always laughing, always

Funny, ready to help with problems,

She reminds me of spring.

Doodle made me smile today! Oh I forgot to tell you my nick name! My kids call me Mommy Palommy and Troy calls me Punkin Pie. As if you even needed or wanted to know that! He he!

Alright so spill the beans. What is your nickname? Keep ’em clean people! 🙂


~ by pennymaxwell on September 19, 2008.

12 Responses to “My Doodlebug!”

  1. All my kids have nicknames, though I’ve phased out of using Kyle’s (Little Man) and Charis’s (Miss Ma’am). DJ is Teddy Bear, which (now that he’s 10) I have been forbidden to use in public; Autumn’s is Plumpy, even though her little tummy’s not as plump as it used to be!

    Derwin just calls me Baby. It’s the way he says it though … !

  2. wow Penny! I never call my kids by their names either! (unless they’re in trouble) I make up new ones every day, but if I’m running low on ideas, here are the standard nicknames: Brooke was Brookie Cookie which is now Cookster. Brady (you have to sing it) is Brady Boy! dun da dun da Brady Boy! Lean and mean, green machine Brady Boy! Boone is Boonie Toonie Little Loony but that shortens to Looney Tunes. And Brennan is (also have to sing this one) Brennan Brennan, going to heaven! So there I told you, please don’t think I’m nuts 🙂 ps LOVE the poem

  3. Isn’t it funny how we come up with these crazy nicknames? Olivia’s is boopy-doops and Kiara’s changes all the time. It could be snickerdoodle one day and applebutter the next. LOL!

  4. Love this blog! Here’s my story w/ nicknames. I never liked them when I was a child. My brothers used to make up nicknames for me and they would be kind of buggy little brothers about them, ya know. One day a good friend started calling me “delta” as in the song “Delta Dawn”….I told him….I don’t really like nicknames. He said…Dawn, nicknames only mean someone loves you and thinks your very special. So now….we ALL have nicknames in my family. Brian is honey-bunny, Dylan is yo-Dylio, Zachery is punkin bunkin. The funny thing is though…I’m not sure what mine is! It was super sweet the other night when Zach climbed into our bed at about 3AM, whispering his nickname to US….”hey punkin bunkin, hey punkin bunkin” kissing us on the cheek and then snuggled right down to sleep. That my friends….is the good life!

  5. Hehe! My hubby calls me honey-bunny too, Dawn! Oh, and pooky, lovey- dovey, and of course there’s just plain goof! What would we do without the little things in life that make us smile? sigh…. 🙂

  6. I had a cousin that once called my mayonaise instead of ‘manda’… don’t know how he got that, but he was like 3 so i let it slide. My mom always called me bonzo… still does, though not in public or she gets the ‘eye’. :o) My baby sister (who’s now 7) calls me Na Na because I was the one that used to stay up nights with her when she was an infant and I took care of her a lot… na na was easier to say than Amanda and it stuck… funny thing, Bill called me that this summer when we were there visiting and she got very defensive! Only she can call me that, we learned! :o) Bill and I don’t have kids yet, but we’ve nick-named our kitties – Oliver is “bug” and Cricket is “princess” or “baby”.. so funny how we do that!

  7. Chasity has been sissy or sis since Alex was born and Alex was brother for a long time. I still find myself calling him brother. But, we mostly call him Bubba. Now thanks to you… we call him hunkalicious!!!!! He turns red everytime!!!! We said when he goes pro for fighting he was gonna be Alex hunkalicious Funderburk!!!!!! He’s not going for that though!!!!

  8. Since most people really jack up the pronounciation of my name not knowing that it is actually pronounced LA-URY nor LORI, LG is what I go by a lot of times. My boys are Booper (Noel) Stuff (Trace) and Pooh-bear (Drew). It seems the only time I truly address them by their given name is when I am a little PO’ed at them and I know all you mom’s can relate to those moments. But thank God for children grown and otherwise and the joy they bring. And I totally love Doodle’s poem!

  9. I have a doodlebug also–my nephew Brian, then the other nephews-(my sister has 4 boys) are Nathan who is Sweetie Pie, Kendall is Dumplin, and the youngest, Adam who is Pumpkin face. And my grandson Braeden I call Susgar Bear and he just that–loves kisses, hugs and snuggling. I agree with Dawn that is the good life–actually that is the God life, because I know these children are gifts from God. Witnessing the birth of your grandchild is a clear demonstration of just how awesome our God is and how special are the gifts of children in our lives-and nicknames are our special way to show our love and connection with them. Thanks Pastor Penny for reminding us.

  10. Tell your Doodlebug that AnDREW is my “Drew-dle Bug”, also commonly referred to as “Buddy” or “Bud”, which Sarah and a babysitter started calling him when he was a couple of months old. Sarah has been my “Sarah Bear” since before she was born, now often called “Sweetie” or “Baby” as well. Matt calls her “Sassa” sometimes because that’s how she first said her own name. Matt calls both of them “Goose” (shortened from Silly Goose) and we all call each other “Goofy” or “Goof” quite often, because we are!

  11. Looks like only mothers have contributed, here is a father one.
    I had affectionate nicknames for all my 3 sons (particularly when they were babies), but reluctant to disclose them because it might be viewed by them as a privacy breach/embarrassment (eg. they wouldn’t want school friends to know or call them those names). The nicknames can be used in some circumstances as an in-family “security identifier”. Eg. as a type of password in a phone call.
    I have always called my wife Poppy (real name Erin).
    At present I sometimes call the youngest Sam-Bob (real name Samuel), because of a stage when Sponge-Bob SP was in vogue and we would watch it on TV after I picked him up from school (I worked from home, self employed).
    In current teenage years SBSP has gone out of vogue as being “gay” (what’s wrong with that, doesn’t it just mean happy and frivolous?). Maybe we will watch occasional nostalgic reruns of SBSP in future.
    I am taking Sam away for a holiday next week, part of it travelling on the Cook Strait ferry We will be staying in a backpacker and doing things like fishing, canoeing, biking and cooking food.

  12. My son goes by “peanutbutter” and my daughter is just “baby girl” for now (8.5 months old). My son is getting to the stage now, though, where he corrects me and says ‘No, my name is Evan!” Just in case I had forgotton.

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