Are You Average?

My computer goes into sleep mode if it is not doing something. I have to touch it to wake it up when it is left to itself. I have noticed the same trend with people sometimes. If we are not taking steps forward we can quickly default to average.  One of my dearest friends always says, “The Christian’s worst enemy is not the devil but settling for average”. I have to agree. Since when is getting by good enough? How will a world that is lost and dying see a savior in someone who thinks average is ok?

I think about God and how He needed a savior to come down and rescue mankind. He looked around heaven and didn’t pick Gabriel. He didn’t pick the angel Michael either. He looked around heaven and said, “I’m sending My best, I’m sending Jesus, my Son.” Now how can we as Christians think that mediocre is ok if there is nothing about God that is mediocre?

I guess I am just piggy-backing on my husband’s message this Sunday. It was about how to reach a dying world. He said that is was not by having our cars on cinder blocks in our front yard, by being 20 minutes late to work each day, by having a yard so tall our kids could get lost in the grass, and it wasn’t by leaving a track on a table in place of a tip for the waitress. If we want to reach a lost and dying world we have to come out of sleep mode and handle our affairs correctly and be the salt and the light that we are supposed to be. Living our life correctly speaks volumes more than talking a good talk.

What about you? What do you think the Christian’s worst enemy is? What do you think of “average”?


~ by pennymaxwell on September 17, 2008.

5 Responses to “Are You Average?”

  1. It is amazing how you tend to talk about exactly what I need that day. I am in the process of breaking out of average. A friend of mine and I are starting on our way to starting our business. No money. No investors. Both finishing our degree. What do have is passion and God.

  2. the good christian’s worst enemy is the bad christian.

  3. Notes from the I would rather be dead than average file:

    Here are a few suggestions.

    1. Turn off the TV.

    2. Get some aerobic exercise. Outddors is good but not essential

    3. Exercise your spirit. Spend some time with God before you begin your busy day. Remember the manna? There was only enough for that day and once the sun came up it dissapeared.

    4. Invite someone new to dinner. You are welcome to start with me.

    5. Tell a complete stranger about Jesus.

    6. Work on getting that sugar out of your diet. It makes you feel sluggish.

    7. Throw your TV out the window.

    8. Get rid of the video games. Sorry.You said you didn’t want to be average.

    9. Read a good book.

    10. Read another good book.

    11. Break a habit.

    12. Make a new friend.

    13. Get to church early and make a point of meeting someone you don’t know.

    14. Invite someone new to lunch after church.

    15. Get to church on time and sit near the front.

    16. Give more than you should.

    17. Help build something.

    18. Really forgive someone whose hurt you.

    19. Turn off the car radio and just listen.

    20. If someone has gone outside and picked up the TV and if it still works go out to the garage and get a big hammer…

  4. my husband is definitely NOT average…would you not agree!

  5. Dito to what Kim said! I’ve found that when you do things to be above average, sometimes your intentions are questioned. You are looked at as “needy”. Can’t you just LOVE people? Mistrust is my enemy. We need to trust each other more!

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