Troy Freaked Me Out!

Ok so I am driving to the mountains with our staff for our annual staff retreat. It is pouring rain as we wind up the side of the mountain. I was keeping close contact with my phone because my son had his first football game as a middle schooler. It is freaky to me to think that I have a middle schooler! Ugh I feel old! Anyway,  I was a little nervous that my 11 year old  was playing his first game and I was not there. Troy was there but Mommy was not. I knew that Troy would update me on anything I needed to know. Just then the text messages started coming in. Keep in mind I am driving in the rain, up a mountain with a car full of people!

Here are the text messages in order:

-The boys Colby is playing against are BIG

-Colby’s team is getting killed

-Colby is going in the game

-Colby just got popped

(a really long pause as I drive up the mountain, where is the next text message, is my boy ok?—-silence)

(finally after a couple of minutes Troy responds to my continual texts)

-Colby is fine, he’s just laid out!

Now PA-LEEZ! Who would text that to the mother of your children????? With a long pause and no further explanation? I think not! I think I am still recovering from that! Troy freaked me out! And in turn I freaked out all of the people who were riding in my car when the text came in. Ok, so I needed to look at the road but it was my baby boy! Whew!

By the way, Colby is fine. I just talked to him on the phone and he did have a little headache but he is fine. “He is just laid out” is still running through my head though. I love my boy!


~ by pennymaxwell on September 11, 2008.

5 Responses to “Troy Freaked Me Out!”

  1. Wait just a minute… I am laughing too hard. Thank you Troy for paving the way for the rest of us. It is amazing that I read the same text messages and was fine. I wanted an update on the score. Mom’s/wife, God knew what he was doing when he gave them to us. Thank you God!

  2. ROFL!

  3. Ha! I think I would have gone into a panic too. Still, that is funny!

    so glad he’s ok!!! Did they win? How long did he get to play before getting “laid out”?

  5. You know Joyce I don’t even have the answers to those questions. I just know my sweet, precious boy is safe and sound. I was at his game this past Saturday and I was going to get Troy back with my own series of texts but I decided to be nice, this time anyway!

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