Have you been watching the DNC and the RNC?

Ok I am not going to jump on the political bandwagon so just relax! But one thing that is very interesting to me as I watch the conventions is that history is going to me made in one way or another. We will either have our first black president or we will have our first woman vice-president. Oh yeah and we could have the oldest president in history too, that would be another first.

So looks like no matter which way you vote, history will be made! What do you think about that??


~ by pennymaxwell on September 4, 2008.

8 Responses to “Have you been watching the DNC and the RNC?”

  1. A black president? That’s pretty historical. A female vice president? That’s pretty historical too..but Pastor Penny not telling us how she feels…that is history!

    Anyway I did turn my cable back on..not for the olympics but for the conventions. I must admit I dont like the way the Republican perty does the fear mongering thing. Mayor Guiliani said last night that, ” the greatest threat to America today is Islamic terrorism…please. Thousands of Americans are killed each year by crazy truck drivers, tens of thousands in stupid car crashes and hundreds of thousands die each year because they smoke, hundreds of people drown in their bath tubs, are eaten by mean dogs and tigers that have escaped from the zoo. Did I mention fall down your steps and die…Zillions of Americans die from obesity, cancer from too much fast food, crocodiles, pestilance, lightning strikes, sleep apnea, plane crashes, bad spinach and tomatoes, bad fast food, drug overdoses and bad meat.

    OK…take a deep breath and quote Psalm 91

    I would like Michelle Obama to be first lady. Hip hop in the white house and a portarai of MLK in the oval office.

  2. KZ you are funny! For once in my life I am keeping my mouth shut! He he! Even though we learned in those counseling classes to express how we feel, it is still staying shut! I know you love that “feelings” talk. I will make sure Roddy continues to do that so you know exactly how she is feeling all of the time! 🙂

    You are too funny! Is that why we love you guys so much?!

  3. Love the response Kim! That was great!! I am learning to keep my feelings to myself too because it seems any time I say I don’t like _________________, people get angry and attack me for feeling the way I do! Ha…like how I left that name blank?

  4. Totally agree Penny! I haven’t been able to pull myself away from these conventions and the coverage. I’m having flashbacks from my teen-aged years when I’d sulk off to my room because my Dad insisted on watching every speech and debate….ARRRRGGGGHHHHH….I am not turning into my Dad!!! LOL
    Seriously, this election year is amazing in so many ways. I’m so proud to be an American!

  5. Lol Kim, I hate those pesky tiger escapees!

  6. I have long been a political “junkie” …for the 1st time I do not get angry or feel the “need’ to banter back and forth with folks….and I owe this to your Husband!!! Several weeks ago he said that the President was appointed by God !!! I had NEVER thought of it that way!! and what a simple truth!! My head spun around and I am quite sure the whole place could see the “light bulb” go off over my head!! I have such peace now …just another simple truth I have learned at FHC!! LOVE YALL

  7. Sarah Palin is very intriguing to me. She grew up in an Assembly of God church and appears to still be connected there, has raised 5 kids-the infant has down syndrome, dealt with a daughter being pregnant out of wedlock, has owned a small business, been a mayor, govenor, and now is a VP canidate! Just being a mother of 5 is enough! Seems like she could be a great role model for women no matter what happens in November.

  8. I’m only putting my trust in ONE man and HE’S not a democrat or a republican!!! I do feel God wants us to choose, so I am going to vote whether I want to or not.

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