What a Great Line Up!

We have such a great line up of people coming to Freedom House! I love listening to my husband each week but I also love bringing in other men and women of God to speak and bring insight in what God has laid on their hearts.

So the thing I love about Lisa is her heart for raising up women to live out their full potential and the fact that she is just so darn funny!

Lisa Bevere 2009!


~ by pennymaxwell on August 28, 2008.

One Response to “What a Great Line Up!”

  1. I am glad you never get tired of hearing from your husband. I was thinking about this recently after you said something to me. I asked you if you get tired of hearing me preach 3x each wee and you said, if you did get tired of it you would just find something to do in the church so you wouldn’t have to hear it 3x. One thing I love about you is you are always trying to make me better. Nothing excites me more when I see your sparkling, pearly, whites smiling at a corny joke I just said. I figured it out today approximately how many messages you have heard. Since I have been in ministry, youth, Freedom House and other meetings, you have heard over 1700 messages from the lips of T-roy Maxwell….That’s a lot!

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