Everyone Needs A Sam!!

I have heard it said that everyone needs a Simon. You know that guy on American Idol who seems to say the things that others are thinking but were too afraid to say. He is brutally honest.

I decided tonight after seeing The Lord of the Rings again that everyone needs a Sam. Sam helped Frodo carry out the mission. Frodo had the responsibility to carry the burden but Sam never left his side. He knew it would be hard. He knew it would take more courage than he had ever had before. He knew his life was at stake but he believed in the people’s lives who would be spared if he could help Frodo accomplish the task. He cut, he bled, he risked all to help Frodo bear the burden. Frodo was never alone. Frodo could not find a more loyal friend. Sam was the reason Frodo made it. Frodo had “the call” but Sam is the reason the call was carried out.

Why am I saying all of this? I have a Sam. Her name is Makeda. She is the most loyal person I have ever known. She has been there for Troy and I from the very beginning of Freedom House. God poured a vision into our heart’s to see people who are far from Him come into a relationship with Him. It is a bloody battle snatching people from the jaws of hell and it has not been without incident. Makeda has stood along with us through thick and thin. She has carried us when we bled. She has lifted our arms when we were weary. She has been loyal beyond words. She has risked it all to see a vision come to pass. She is a fierce protector. She is a brave warrior. She is a kind word. She is a reassuring voice. She is a steady rock. She is Sam.


~ by pennymaxwell on August 27, 2008.

6 Responses to “Everyone Needs A Sam!!”

  1. Hi Penny!! I check out your blog from time to time–lookin’ fabulous by the way–& just love today’s. One of my two favorite scenes in the entire trilogy is when Frodo turns to Sam with so much love in his eyes and says, “Frodo wouldn’t have got far without Sam”. I backed it up probably a dozen times this weekend alone because it is so touching. And knowing Makeda and everything she’s all about–your comparison is right on target!!! I love you both very much–& Troy, the kids and a few others down there!

  2. I saw the title to your blog post and I was all set to respond to it even before I read it because I love these movies and I totally think that Sam is the only reason Frodo made it. I NEVER expected to see my name and was in fact quite shocked to see it and moved to tears actually. I love you guys and this ministry and there is not a single moment that I would change or do differently. Love ya!

  3. The part of the movie that got me was the part where Sam picked up Frodo because he was too weak and bloody to walk. Frodo could go no further so Sam picked him up and carried him the rest of the way.

    Keeda, you really are our Sam. You have meant the world to us. With the ring in our pocket you have carried us when it got heavy. You are amazing and that word is not even befitting.

  4. Aside from Makeda being awesome which is true might I add…
    Ahhhhhh! Sob Sob, big puddle of tears! Always fun reading a female blogs. snicker snicker!!

  5. I totally agree with you all that Makeda Pennycooke ROCKS!!! She is in our LDG, and it is always wisdom with which she speaks about her Father God, and all He can and will do for us. I feel like I’ve been given a gift from God when she is around. Love her much.

  6. I have never met Makeda face to face. By e-mail only. She has been there to pray and to give words of faith, that I too,someday will have a personal walk with GOD.

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