She is Coming February 2009!

Shaunti Feldhahn began her career as an analyst on Wall Street and today is a bestselling author, speaker, and nationally-syndicated newspaper columnist. Her recent bestsellers have sold more than one million copies and have been translated into 18 different languages. The books in her most recent series, including For Women Only: What You Need to Know About the Inner Lives of Men, and For Men Only: A Straightforward Guide to the Inner Lives of Women, have led to great life-change—and plenty of fascinating conversation—for men and women around the country. Her newest books, For Parents Only and For Young Women Only (both of which were co-authored with youth speaker Lisa Rice), and the concluding book in the series For Young Men Only (due out in September 2008), are causing plenty of fascinated buzz among parents and teenagers. She has also authored two true-to-life spiritual thrillers.

One reason Shaunti’s books, talks and columns have hit such a nerve that she applies her background as an analyst in a whole new way. She holds a master’s in public policy from Harvard University, and a bachelor’s in government and economics from The College of William & Mary.; Prior to becoming an author, she worked in the financial arena on Capitol Hill and later on Wall Street, analyzing the Japanese financial crisis for the highest level decision makers of the Federal Reserve System. She now applies that same skill set to investigating eye-opening truths that many of us tend to miss. (For example, what women don’t ‘get’ about men!)

As a popular national speaker and broadcaster, Shaunti travels extensively and has shared her findings with millions of people through conferences, television, and radio. She has appeared on such diverse media outlets as Fox News, PBS, TNT, Soap Talk, The Alan Colmes Show, Focus on the Family, and Family Life Today. Her weekly opinion columns are printed in forty-plus newspapers around the country, including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Chicago Sun-Times.

Shaunti and her husband Jeff, with whom she coauthored For Men Only, are active leaders in their Atlanta-area church and, as parents of young children, enjoy every minute of living at warp speed. They have become quite good at juggling T-ball games, ballet lessons, Jeff’s business (software company World2one), and family speaking trips with the whole traveling circus in tow. As their favorite shirts put it, “Life is good.”


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