Fluffy Mommy?

So I had all three of my kiddos in my lap hugging them. I love to scoop them up and just hug on them. We have termed that the “Maxwell Sandwich”. So one of my children decided to tell me that they like the “fluffy” mommy better. Oh yeah that is what they said, “the fluffy mommy”. You just gotta laugh sometimes at the stuff kids say. When I asked why they all chimed in and said, “because you were much softer and more comfortable to lay on when you were fluffy”. My reply, “go get a pillow!”

“Fluffy mommy”, it still cracks me up!


~ by pennymaxwell on August 21, 2008.

5 Responses to “Fluffy Mommy?”

  1. I like “molded” mommy!!!!

  2. Yeah….Kiara says I have a jello belly and says since it wiggles, it MUST have jello in there. Great.

  3. I need more info on how to be molded! I’m tired of the middle-age spread!

  4. I do too Shannon! He must see me through those husbandly eyes! 🙂

  5. He sees you the way God sees you! Most men only see a woman through human eyes. “…God looks on the heart…” You look GREAT, by the way!

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