Little Entrepreneurs

I have two little entrepreneurs in my home. After the Kid Concoctions company came to church and showed us just how to make things (that you would spend a lot of money on in the store for just pennies from household items), my kids got a bright idea. Why not make some things and then sell them? Colby made “gunk” which is the equivalent of the “ooze” you buy in the store.

We made a trip to Super Target and got all of the ingredients for his “gunk”. He came home and made his concoction and then took it out to the neighborhood kids to sell it to them. He came back empty handed.

Not to be outdone by her big brother, Cassidy, my youngest, decided she wanted to undercut the ice cream truck that rolls through our neighborhood. She bought push up pops and super hero Popsicles from the store and then resold them just under what the ice cream man sells them for. Troy and I were laughing so hard at their hard work. They both used their own money and budgeted how much each thing cost and what their profits would be. I was proud of them, they did good.

Did Kid Concoctions inspire you at all? I would love to hear!


~ by pennymaxwell on August 16, 2008.

2 Responses to “Little Entrepreneurs”

  1. Awesome fun and financial stewardship all in one! Yes, I was inspired by Kid Concoctions. We are having our “Back To Pre-School” playgroup next Thursday. I am bringing supplies for homemade sidewalk chalk. The kids will learn measuring, pouring, stirring, and color mixing in this little craft. I’m so excited to watch the children make and then be able to use their very own chalk. And the best part is….the finished product promises to be mess free chalk! So no chalky residue on your clothes, hands, arms, legs etc after an afternoon of drawing masterpieces on your driveway!

  2. I do plan to use some of the Kid Concoctions “recipes” for fun school stuff, but so far all we have is a Ziploc bag full of dryer lint that Andrew is saving!! He did buy lemonade yesterday and he & Sarah had their first lemonade stand. They were doing quite well until the ice cream man came by!! Isn’t it cute to see them put their heart into something and work hard at it? Matt & I were laughing too, watching them flagging down cars. Fun times!!

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