It Meant The World……

I have not been able to stop thinking about this since it happened. The week of Kids Kamp, that last Friday, I got up early in the morning to do some work on the computer and get some things out of the way. You know how that is, the miniusa part of the day. Well my oldest daughter apparently noticed I had closed my computer and then laid on the sofa and closed my eyes. By this time it was now 12:30 pm and I was just “resting my eyes” a bit.

I heard some rumbling noises coming from the kitchen but they seemed a faint distance in the background as my thoughts seemed to go from work to nothingness. The next thing I remembered is that she had set up a T.V. tray in front of me and had made me “breakfast” since I had not eaten as of yet.

Her delicious tray consisted of oatmeal and pancakes wit syrup. She has also poured me a glass of juice and lined up all of my vitamins for me to take as well. Well not to be out done by her big sister, my other daughter quickly brought out a plate full or Cheez Its so I would know she too helped. It was precious to me.

I asked my oldest daughter what prompted her to do this for me and she said, “Well you have not eaten today and you have been working so hard all week at Kids Kamp and wanted to do something special for you”. Oy My goodness, I thought I was going to tear up. I could not believe that she said that. It really meant the world to me that my daughter saw me serving and wanted to serve back. I started thinking of all the other parents who served that week and knew that even if their kids did not serve them “breakfast” that their sacrifice did not go unnoticed. Kids know when you make an effort for them. I am not sure my day could have been any better. She really blessed me!


~ by pennymaxwell on August 9, 2008.

One Response to “It Meant The World……”

  1. Precious…and I know how it feels! My oldest brought me breakfast in bed on my birthday! Egos! Aren’t kids great?!

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