Oh No She Didn’t!

Sometimes kids say the funniest things. I don’t think it is just my kids that do it, is it? Well we were driving in the car and the kids were talking about what they wanted to do in life. Colby has lots of things he wants to do. He wants to be an inventor and he wants to be a youth pastor. In his near future he wants to pick up modeling again and continue to do a little acting.

Cabell wants to be a veterinarian and a farmer. She has a gentle heart like that. She also has a very creative edge to her as well. She has really been on me to get her sewing lessons and knitting lessons. I really am going to get her going in that because she would probably do well with both. She is much more patient than I am because sewing is sitting way too still for me.

Well Cassidy chimed in and said that she wanted to get married when she grew up and her and her husband were going to take over the church when Troy and I “pass away”. It sounded a bit morbid but funny at the same time. I thought to myself “oh no she didn’t” but then really thought that “hey the girl knows what she wants to do”.

The Maxwell kids crack me up!


~ by pennymaxwell on August 6, 2008.

6 Responses to “Oh No She Didn’t!”

  1. Tell Cabell I can teach her some very basic knitting any time she wants. I had to learn a couple of years ago because Sarah got a kit to make a scarf and needed help. Now Sarah doesn’t knit very often, but I LOVE it! I can’t help a bit in the sewing department, however. The kids take their clothes to Matt if they need anything stitched up!

  2. That really just means that you are doing your job correctly. She couldn’t imagine being anyone else, but you.

  3. I think the family “business” would be in great hands!

  4. I told her Tammy and she is SO EXCITED!!!

    Nicole, I did not look at it like that. That is so precious for you to say. It means a lot.

    Karen, Troy and I have always talked about legacy and I guess it starts with our own. We sure do want to be legacy builders for the Kingdom.

    Did you guys notice we switched out th pics???!!! I finally did it! Ha! No more emails about new pics now, right???? 🙂

  5. I can teach Cabell sewing. I learned in Home Ec classes when I was fourteen, and have sewn wardrobes, baby layettes and christening dresses. So if she needs a teacher I have a sewing machine, not crazy about hand sewing, but it’s a necessary task to finish the job.

  6. You ARE leaving a legacy!!! My great-grandpa left one for me. We just talked about this last night in LDG training. How will people remember you? Reminds me of a country song Garth Brooks sings called “Pushing Up Daisies”. It says “there’s two dates in time they’ll carve on your stone and everyone knows what they mean, but what’s more important is the time that is known in that little dash there in between”. That’s the legacy!

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