Family Time

There are special times around our house that we guard very closely. One is our Mondays. Troy and I take Mondays off to rest. It is the only day each week we both have off just to spend time together. We have not always done that but over the last two years particularly; we have made sure to have a Sabbath. We learned from years of not resting that if you do not take a Sabbath you will be forced one at a time not of your choosing. So we are pretty diligent about that hallowed time for us. So if you try to contact us on Mondays just know our phones, email and any other form of communication is disabled and we are resting. It just really is a time for us to regroup so we can come back ready to go!

The other special time to us is Friday nights. We spend time together just the five of us. We love to go out to eat together, to the park, the mall, laser tag, bowling, for movie night, or just having a game night at the house. It is our time to love on our kids and really show them how special they are to us. I love seeing them proclaim, “yippee today is family day”. They love going out and having fun with Troy and me. I will always cherish my Friday nights with the family and hold that time close.

So today we took them to Super Target to shop with the gift cards they got for their birthdays. They all got some really cool things and were very blessed by the gift cards they received. Cassidy was excited because she got a gift card too and it wasn’t even her birthday! She was all smiles as she bargain shopped today. It is in the blood, what can I say?!

Do you have a day of rest? Do you have a date night with your souse? Your kids? What fun memories are you making?


~ by pennymaxwell on July 18, 2008.

One Response to “Family Time”

  1. I don’t really have a specific night or thing that I do, because since it is just me…I can’t plan any of that. However, last weekend I found someone to watch Olivia while Kiara and I went to Dream Dinners and prepped meals for this month. Kiara loves to cook so she enjoyed it and also spending time just the two of us. Then, last Sunday when it started pouring, I said “let’s go outside and PLAY!” I think Kiara thought I was joking at first…then we all went out and played in the rain. Both Kiara and Olivia laughed so hard and had so much fun running around and splashing in puddles. It was great!

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